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obama blown for Commentary by “selfish” “revisionist” Russia during the conference on disinformation

Former President Obama was called out on Twitter Thursday for representing what some call “revisionist history” about him record with Russia.

former the president participated in “Disinformation and erosion of Democracy” at the university of Chicago, where he told the audience and the editor of The Atlantic:in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg that he was encouraged global response to aid to Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the country in February. He also noted that when he was president, he recalled that he had to “dredge” US allies into action. against Russia.

“I’ll say it like someone else who grabbed with invasion of Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine, I was inspired by the European reaction. As, in 2014, I often had to drag them with my feet and screams to answer in ways that we would wanted see from those of us who describe themselves as Western democracies”, former the president said.

However, the image of Obama of how his presidency was tough on Russia did not call true too much people on twitter, who criticized and mocked the president for his memory on in issue.

Expert on terrorism and international security professor at Northeastern University, Max Abrams criticized Obama’s response as “self-serving revisionist history”.

“Look at the self-serving revisionist Obama. history of how his administration responded to last when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014,” Abrams wrote.

Mark Hemingway, senior RealClearInvestigations writer taunted Obama by tweeting: “‘grumbled’ = did nothing after spending years taunting anyone who thought Russia was a threat and still refused to arm Ukraine.”

Several users recalled an infamous moment in Obama’s 2012 presidential debate when he mocked Republican nominee Mitt Romney. for calling Russia to our number one geopolitical enemy. Obama said at the time that the “1980s” were calling and they were “want their foreign policy back”.

Stephen Miller, contributing editor of The Spectator, general picture of Romney laughs.

“Anyone know if @JeffreyGoldberg asked Obama about his ’80s-style hit on Romney? Would good question at a conference about disinformation,” said Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross.

Barack Obama meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2016.

In a popular thread conservative Twitter account AGHamilton29 said he remembers that “it happened a little differently.”

“Umm, I definitely remember things going a little differently. What I remember is that after the Russian separatists shot down civilian airliner and Russia invaded a sovereign country, we just weak and targeted sanctions were introduced. All because of Obama wanted Putin help [w] Deal with Iran,” he tweeted.

“And then Obama publicly thanked Putin less than year after for this deal. No wonder Putin took international expenses of Another invasion of Ukraine would be relatively low,” he said. added.

At the same eventObama also said how Putin has always been “ruthless”, but “five years ago” he could not have imagined that Putin would invade Ukraine.

‘for him to bet the farm in This way I don’t… I wouldn’t have predicted it five years ago,” he said.

Paul Nyland, businessman who lived in Ukraine for 20 years old noted that Russia invaded Ukraine 8 years ago, when he was still president.

Conservative writer and columnist Derek Hunter spoke about the time Obama was caught. on hot microphone speaks to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012, “I will have more flexibility” after the elections. Medvedev responded by telling Obama that he would pass on his message to Putin.

Even former Obama White House Officials Agree His Administration Has Been Soft on Russia.

Obama former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, confessed this week on CNN what his presidency should have been tougher on Russia in 2014 when they invaded and annexed Crimea.


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