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Oasi on dispute over Putting the idol near the dargah: ‘We know Bulldozers will be… ‘| India latest news

The President of the All India Muslim Union, Asaduddin Owaisi, asked the President of Madhya Pradesh minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan whether it is his government will arrest These defendants of ‘Desecration of a mosque’ in Nimouch like he took cheerful on running bulldozer politics. Prohibition orders enforced in Away, aloof, alone of nimokh city after stress in The area over installation of The fetish of Lord Hanuman near the dargah.

“Sir CMMadhyaPradesh your will government arrest Accused for Desecration of a mosque and degree, (sic)” Oyisi tweeted. “We know Bulldozers will be used against Only innocent Muslims.”

Injunctions under Section 144 of CRPC . has been enforced in nimokh city Late Monday night after stone-throwing and arson were reported as oath of people try to install fetish of Police said Lord Hanuman is near Dargah. Supervisor of Nimouche of Police Suraj Kumar Verma told reporters that four cases and nine cases have been registered people rounded up To this limit.

The official He further stated that both groups were asked to come to the police control room for discussion, but some people They allegedly started throwing stones and damaging some motorbikes, TAP reported. The police confirmed that they used tear gas shells to disperse the demonstrators after they gathered in The area.

earlier in the day, senior Congress leader and former President of Madhya Pradesh minister Digvijay Singh raised some questions over Alleged inaction of the police in the absence of arrests in case so far.

I would like to ask the officials of Management, you are online with Indian Constitution and Law. Does not belong with Any individual or any politician party. Don’t be under too much pressure. we know That Neemuch BJP MLA also spirits in The location where this incident occurred,” he tweeted.

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