NYC Fraud Lawsuit Gets Harder possible Trump 2024 plans

  • Donald Trump reflects on another president run in 2024 so far facing array of investigation.
  • New York Attorney this week general sued Trump over fraud allegations.
  • Trump’s legal troubles “will in in news over as well as over again”said Andrew Weismann, prosecutor on Russian probe.
  • But former Trump AG Bill Barr disagreed. “I don’t think it will hurt him,” Barr said.

WASHINGTON. Now that the New York Attorney general sued Donald Trump for fraud, one thing seems more certain: if Trump runs for the president again in 2024, he’ll do it defensively in court of law.

Multiple ships possible of law.

Long-term protection of Trump investigations – over his business practice, its appeal of secret information of his attempts to undo his electoral defeat in 2020 and it role in insurrection of Jan 6, 2021 – Will burden any 2024 President run through former CEO, analysts say.


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