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NWS confirms second tornado has touched down in NBC Chicago Saturday – NBC Chicago

The National Weather Service confirmed two tornadoes. hit Chicago area saturday like series of Hurricanes knocked down trees and caused strong winds area.

There was a tornado in Cross Hill in early morning hours and moved to north side of Joliet before getting up out of in area told NWS in tweet. Tornado is rated EF-0, the lowest level on at six Advanced Fujita level scale, and the peak winds were estimated of 70 mph.

A few hours earlier, the NWS had confirmed that it had touched down an individual tornado. down in Naperville. Also rated EF-0, he knocked down trees, rolled over over chairs and caused roof damage. The maximum wind speed is reported to be 80 mph.

More serious weather may be on in a way so you can’t want so that your guard down just for now.

Chances for heavy weather are possible again Saturday evening on Sunday. Strong wind and heavy rain are again counts main threats, with possibility of tornado.


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