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Now you can buy dash with bolivars on Binance P2P

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Binance added to its system peer-to-peer (P2P) the possibility of exchanging bolivars for the dash cryptocurrency and vice versa . This new function is possible both within Venezuela and anywhere in the world.

This cryptocurrency is not new to the platform. Binance was already providing dash access prior to this launch. But until before Monday, November 1, it did not allow to acquire it directly in its P2P system with bolivars in Venezuela. To get it, it was necessary to buy bitcoin first, for example, and then exchange it for dash .

Now yes it is now possible to exchange dash for bolivars, without other conversions in between , through Binance P2P. This system allows the same users to post ads to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While this is not the only P2P platform on the market, it has managed to stand out in Venezuela.

Dash, which is based on Bitcoin and adds features that favor anonymity, at this time , is worth $ 188 , according to CoinGecko data. It can be said that a dash is equivalent to 0.003 bitcoin, taking into account that the latter is worth USD 61 thousand, as revealed by the CriptoNoticias price calculator.

Dash cryptocurrency joins Binance’s P2P system

Dash became the eighth coin offered by Binance P2P to exchange for bolivars. The others available are bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD), Binance coin (BNB), DAI and the Axie Infinity token, SLP.

The dash cryptocurrency has suffered a down 58% from its peak on May 5 to November 1. Source: finance.yahoo.com.

According to a press release sent by «Dale Con Dash» to CriptoNoticias, Maira Álvarez, the director of Binance’s P2P market in Venezuela, gave some statements about this launch. He precisely said: “we see the importance of continuing to offer more possibilities of buying and selling cryptocurrencies with their local currency to our users.”

And he added: “that is why we are pleased to be able to work with the dash community to continue providing better solutions for Venezuelans. It is worth clarifying that Venezuela is the Spanish-speaking country with the most interest in this cryptocurrency , as can be seen in Google Trends.

Too Google Trends shows the interest of Venezuelans in Binance. It is the second country in the world that has “googled” the name of the exchange the most.

T he adoption of dash in Venezuela is something that began years ago behind. As revealed by CriptoNoticias in 2019, from that moment more than 800 locals came to accept payments with this cryptocurrency. Recently, the purchase of flights with dash and bitcoin was also enabled in Maiquetía, the main airport in the country.

To this, Ernesto Contreras, the director of business development at Dash Core Group, added “From Dash we will continue to develop projects aimed at ensuring that more and more users find the solution to many of the problems that arise in cryptocurrencies today.”

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