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Now free of charge: The great tax guide from Taxfix and t3n

Now free of charge: The great tax guide from Taxfix and t3n

Well, have you already done your tax return? Usually you only have until July 31st, but this year the deadline has been postponed to November 1st as an exception – pandemic and such. If you have not yet submitted your tax return, then we have the perfect t3n guide for you.

Together with The experts from Taxfix we give you an overview of the most important topics on almost 50 pages, show you what you have to pay attention to and what innovations there are – for the Corona year 2020, the legislature offers some simplifications, for example around on the topic of home office. And of course there are also a whole range of tips and tricks. With this guide you are optimally prepared for your tax return. And the best thing about it: It doesn’t cost anything!

The experts at Taxfix give you their expertise continue (Image: t3n)

These are the topics

  • What deadlines are there?
  • How does an online calculator work?
  • What is a classic and what is a modern tax return?
  • Which tools and programs are there?
  • The most important tax tips
  • What are the special features of Corona?
  • Service bike, electric car and cryptocurrencies
  • And much more

Strike now and get free the most important tips and tricks for your tax return . By the way: If you become a pro member with us, you will regularly receive further exciting and useful guides.

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