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Now, BJP MLA says The rapists of Bilkes Banu are Brahmin with good sanskaar ‘| India latest news

A legislator from the ruling camp in Gujarat said rapists 11 in The case of Bilkeis Banu Hom Brahmin with good Values ​​or “sanskaar” and someone with It may be bad faith punished they. It was BJP MLA, CK Raulji one of Two BJP leaders who They were a part of The review panel That granted remission to 11 convicted rapists.

Version of the meno who charged with rape and murder During the communal riots of 2002 in Gujarat, you have triggered A sensation across the country.

rawlji made Statements during an interview with news Mojo story platform. “Me, no know whether they committed any crime or not. But there must be some intention of commission crimeRalji was heard saying to a reporter from news Director in Indian.

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“They are good people – Brahmins. It is known that the Brahmins have good “sanskaar”. Maybe it was someone’s intention corner and punish them” good during their time in jail.

The clip that is now making a file rounds on social media Shared by Telangana leader Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Y Satish Reddy. “BJP Now terms Rapists as “men” of Good Sanskar’. This is the lowest a party Can bend! wrote along with section.

The 11 convicts walked, sentenced to life imprisonment out of Godhra jail on 15th August after Gujarat government Allowed to be released under remission policyafter completion more from 15 years old in jail. Their release came hours After Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about it women Empowerment during his independence speech from the Red Fort.

The men They were warmly welcomed and decorated with sweets after the walk out Free of jail. A day earlier, it was reported that Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had received convicts with garlands in her office in Gujarat.

a special central office of Court of Inquiry (CBI) in Mumbai on On January 21, 2008, 11 were sentenced to life imprisonment on shipment of gangrape and murder of seven members of Balqis Banos family. The Bombay High Court subsequently upheld their convictions.

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Balqis Bano was 21-year- Five months pregnant and five years old when she was exposed to a gang while fleeing the sectarian violence that erupted out After the massacre of Godhra burned. Among the dead were three of her-year-Old daughter.

earlier in On that day, Congress leader P Chidambaram said two BJP MLAs were part of of The review panel who granted convicts remission. “There is something interesting side story for the grant of Remission to 11 people convicted for gang rape in Gujarat. Among the review panel were two BJP MLAs Shri CK Raolji and Smt Suman Chauhan!

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Another member was Shri Murli Molchandani who It was key witness for Prosecution in Godhra train burning case! ” on Twitter.

He asked if this was neutral and nonpartisan panel of experts in Criminology and Punishment and said the county collector was chief.

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