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Now artificial intelligence can be your lawyer

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An AI-powered paralegal helps a defendant in court in February, according to the Daily Mail. The application, developed by DoNotPay, will hear what is being said in the meeting room and give advice through headphones. The company’s statement says nothing more about the process and actors, so we don’t even know where artificial intelligence will help. However, the event will still be historic and set a precedent.

Stanford University student Joshua Browder originally wrote the software in 2015 to help users appeal parking tickets. Initially, it was a chat service that asked questions and, based on the answers, decided whether the appeal was justified, and if so, it even generated a letter to clients.

However, it has since become clear that the program is also useful in the fight against large companies: it helps to initiate litigation and provide advice on labor law. If it spreads, it could interfere with the exploitation of workers.

Browder’s goal is even more ambitious:

He would like to replace lawyers one by one with artificial intelligence.

According to him, sooner or later, AI will be able to do its job, and in any case, they charge too much money for their services.

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