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Not one has the right to occupy on motorway: IHC – Pakistan


Not one has the right to occupy on motorway: IHC

November 17, 2022

12:14 p.m.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court (CJ IHC), highlighting rights of locals to maintain normalcy of their daily life marked that no one had the right to hold meetings.in on motorway.

CJ IHC Judge Aamer Farouk heard a petition filed by local merchants. against in possible closing of roads due to Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)in on Thursday.

The court granted the claim of traders with PTI sit-in and rallies seeking a no-objection certificate (NOC).

Advocate General Jahangir Jadoun and Additional Attorney General Munawar Iqbal Duggal were put on trial in this regard.

During the hearing, the traders’ lawyer explained that the containers on roads have caused great difficulties.

While the Advocate General of Islamabad took stand that PTI’s plea for NOC for sit-in and the rally is still expected and it should also be heard together with this case.

petitioner, the lawyer objected that the orders should be issued ensure traffic flow on highways and highways.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Supreme Court noted that the closure of highways and motorways will affect trade system and there are foreigners in Islamabad, the diplomatic movement will also subject to influence. The court emphasized that no one has the right to announce for protest on highway and just stay there.

Judge Shaukat Aziz Siddiqi dal decision in protest case that all rallies will be held in parade ground, added court.

The President of the Supreme Court further noted that these who want have the right to hold protests, but the rights of locals should not be affected.

Judge Aamer Farouk said control over highways and highways belongs to the Federation. this is clear that the federation can give directions in in this respect.

The Islamabad High Court later adjourned the hearing until tomorrow (Friday). on petition of merchants against blocking roads due to PTI ambush-in and rallies.

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