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Not-confidence submitted application against NA Vice Speaker Qasim Suri from the opposition

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri. — Twitter/NA of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: With the National Assembly set to vote on in no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, Opposition on Friday filed a similar petition against Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri.

“[…] permission for removal from office of Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri, Deputy Speaker, in accordance with paragraph (c) of item (7) of Article 53 of read the constitution with Rule 12 of regulations of procedure and behavior of Business in National Assembly, 2007, Document of the resolution is read.

MNA Opposition Murtaza Javed Abbasi filed petition to secretary of National Assembly.

In the resolution, the opposition stated that the vice speaker “repeatedly” violated the rules of parliamentary practice, democratic norms and traditions, and even constitutional provisions, and during the chairmanship over House, hasfailed conduct proceedings in an orderly manner that allows for productive debate on questions of public importance”.

“Instead of of performing it role fairly and impartially the Vice Speaker acted in in an overtly partisan manner, consistently favoring the government, especially in passing legislation and often deprived members of the opposition of their inalienable democratic right to speak and voice their views and views of its electorate,” the document says.

Concerning the stages of the political drama on April 3, 2022 they mentioned in resolution that the Vice Speaker ruled to reject the resolution for a vote of no-confidence against in prime minister which has been filed pursuant to Article 95(1) of Constitution on March 8, 2022

However, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, by its decree dated April 7, 2022, declared the said decree to be contrary to the Constitution and the law. of illegal effect and has set the same side.

“The Deputy Speaker has intentionally and in bad faith violated the Constitution, and his actions fall within the competence of of Article 6 of Constitution,” it says.

Opposition last week also introduced no-confidence motion against Speaker of the National Assembly Assad Qaiser. The law was signed by more than 100 deputies from opposition parties. no-confidence movements, including Ayaz Sadiq, Khurshid Shah, PPP’s Naveed Qamar and JUI-F’s Shahida Akhtar Ali.

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