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not a job for oneUP: Congress may see multiple leaders in command

Congress has not appointed the president yet of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC), with The post Lying vacant since Ajay Kumar Lalu was asked step down After the election disaster, in Which party managed to win two seats.

Although not yet clear who The state unit will be represented in “Chintan Shivir” which will be held in Udaipur in Rajasthan from May 13, Congress insiders said a decision can be made in next week and party I was thinking of Reform of the leadership structure and the hand over UPCC command to more from one Leader.

“For the sake of a country” like UP, no one One can take responsibility of revival alone. Thus, a new Must have organizational setting evolved So that this responsibility is shared and at the same time there is a hierarchy also preserved. Furthermore it, in UP, there are stratification factors too. This is why things take time but we hope it will party will decide new head Before “Chintan Shivir” and if not, then appoint an acting head of state until new The organizational setup has been completed,” said A senior Congressional employee.

Due to the sheer size of Uttar Pradesh, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi took The initiative of appointment senior The leaders of the “district chiefs” gave the UPC president the charge of coordination between these leaders. But senior Leaders at that time like RBN Singh, Jitten Prasada, Raja Ram Pal and Rashid Masood found He. She hard to work within system. While Singh and Prasada are now in BJP, Pal with Samajwadi Party.

The first contestants

Some of Names suggested by departments of The party for The new leadership roles former Deputy and retired bureaucrat Bill Bonya, former Head of State Nirmal Khatri, leader of the Other Backward Class (OBC) and one of The party’s two MLAs, Virendra Chaudhary. some have also suggest bigger role for “Spiritual Guru” Acharya Pramod Krishnam.

to me party Insiders, administrative bunya ability Come in Easy for The party. The former bureaucratic who Belongs to the Scheduled Caste (SC) communityled many of The party campaigns for Dalits once played an important role in Design campaign for reserved seats in above. In addition, Bonya also seen as acceptable face through all party Sections.

to me party insiders, former Ayodhya MP Nirmal Khatri give Congress and edge as it was in Previous position and has a strong connection with cadre. But another section of The state unit is pressing Virendra Chaudhary because she thinks he can attract big oath of OBC voters, especially from eastern UP.

For Acharya Pramod Krishnam, the biggest obstacle is his lack of Staff acceptance. Considered a “spiritual teacher” close to some of The founding members of the SP did not hesitate in bring them campaign Although it is a part of Conference. Krishnam competes in the 2019 Lok Sabha Poll against Rajnath Singh from Lucknow but lost. In the run-up to me last State polls, he said party should project a Brahmin as its prime minister face.

Congress leader said that certain how Lalo had no opinion of His, these in the account want more Independence before taking up the job. During the hierarchy should It must be respected, if someone is assigned responsibility he or she should also respects the leader added. Many leaders hesitate to see their followers how Lalo has been treated.”

else senior The Congress leader said, “The former president was very hardworking won his seats in The past against All possibilities. But during his tenure, the cadre found He. She hard to accept his leadership. In spite of big allegations about the composition of the staff, results Show that there is nothing on ground. If these things should be changedthere need no just You have a great leader who It is accepted by the staff but one who He takes others along and has some independence to do decisions. “


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