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Noida woman talks about confronting Shrikant Tyagi

“I stood up for The people of societal, “Women, who Abused and assaulted by the self-proclaimed politician, Sherakant Tyagi, in their residential community in Noida last week, he told News18.

Describe the complete feud between her and Tyagi at the Grand Omaxe Society in Noida Sector 98 B, the woman told News18 she went to the grass area To talk to the community gardener planting seedlings in common area According to Tyagi’s direction.

“On that day, I just He went to the grass area He asked the gardener why he put these plants here. After a few minutes, Tyagi came over and started arguing with I. I didn’t even talk to him. But whatever happens, you all saw, but me faced She told News18.

Deny his allegations rounds on social mediaIt targets a specific community, the woman said, “Why do I have? issue with Which community? in fact just Now, two of .my friends who be also of the same community you came here and met me in my place… some unnecessarily try to convert a file issue”.

When News18 asked her if she feared repercussions after Tyagi arrest, she said, “I don’t know. I also have family… the residents of the community and the RWA will take care of (the matter). I faced Tiaji for us (population). I never spoke to him.”

News 18 also talk to her family Friend, Priksha Singh, who spirits in the same community. Priksha told News18, “It was daytime, and more of us As for out to me pick up our children from school or they were in The office. only a handful of people they were in the society. She didn’t talk to Tyagi and went to get the farm removed Such as area He was attacked (by him).”

Priksha said despite Tyagi’s hustle and bustle bad Procedure in Society, which the population witnessed so much, her friend “cooperated bravely with without thinking of herself. I fought for us. ”

Priksha said her friend was under a lot of pressure and she wasn’t in requirement to speak to media after the accident. She still doesn’t meet many people because of fear. Preksha noted that this will take some time out.

Briksha explained how Tyagi’s fear was evident among the community that they would have to put up with it, and that he would enter the building along with his guards “No one knew it was all fake,” she said added.

my crown, who He claimed to be related with Reportedly used the BJP for misconduct with children in Mudinagar from UP where he decided to run but was not awarded ticket.

my crown, who It disappeared after the FIR stabilized against He was arrested on August 9 and was sent to judicial custody for 14 days. Noida Police Commissioner Alok Singh said media That Tyagi kept changing it location From Meerut to Haridwar and Baghpat, but he was finally captured from Meerut.

For three days, the police kept tracking everything vehicle. His companions Nakuul Tyagi and Sanjay, and driver Rahul has also Singh said.

Police Commissioner also Said the “Vidhayak” poster who boasted Tyagi on for him car, was introduced by the Samajwadi Party MLC Swami Prasad Maurya. But Moriah denied the claim, calling it “a lie.”

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