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No proof of foreign conspiracy against Prime Minister Imran found: sources


Contrary to the claims of Prime Minister Imran Khan, military said leadership at a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) on March 27 that they have no evidence that the United States threatened or was involved in conspiracy to exile of PTI government.

On March 27, a powerful NSS led by Prime Minister Imran met discuss the diplomatic cable that PTI government claimed to contain evidence of US conspiracy to change regime in Pakistan.

The National Security Council issued a statement after the meeting expressing serious concern over non-diplomatic language used in cable, saying that this is tantamount to interference in internal affairs of Pakistan. Then the NSS decided issue demarche in the USA.

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The NSC statement was subsequently used by Vice Speaker Qasim Suri to block vote on mistrust move in but development this triggered constitutional crisis.

Prime Minister Imran said the NSC approved the governments view this vote of no-confidence was part of conspiracy to remove him from power.

But sources in relevant circles reported Express Tribune on Monday what wrong got the impression of military leadership that approves view of in government.

One source said that prime minister could do public minutes of meeting, because the statement of the NSS meant only for in media. “Are there minutes of at a meeting of the National Security Council,” the source asked. – Do they all have participants sign on minutes of meeting, the source went on say by adding that minutes of meeting was considered official documents when participants of NSS signed. This suggests that military management did not sign on minutes of meeting.

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The source also said that, according to the relevant authorities, the United States did not send any letters government. It was an estimate of Ambassador of Pakistan after the meeting with US officials.

Another issue raised was about the delay in convening a meeting of the NSC. “Can government show any action taken between March and March 27,” the source said. out.

Relevant authorities, source also said, found no evidence of any connection between vote of No confidence and a diplomatic cable triggered ongoing political and constitutional crises.

Other sign what military management did not want to support accusations of conspiracy from outside prime minister there was a recent speech delivered by the army commander-in-chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Unlike rhetoric. of the prime minister, the commander in chief of the army said that Pakistan has enjoyed an excellent and long term attitude with The United States, he said, adding that the US is Pakistan’s largest export partner.

Statement by General Camara on Russian-Ukrainian crisis also markedly different from the position taken by the PTI government.

The army commander not only expressed serious concern over Russian invasion but insisted that Russian aggression against you can’t put up with a smaller nation.

This highlights in fact what military guidance may not be on same page with PTI government on some foreign policy questions.

However, it is intriguing that military management does not public any statement clarifying whether they endorsed a foreign-funded conspiracy against in prime minister or otherwise.

After a stormy day in in history of Pakistan on Sunday boss military the spokesman said the army was “absolutely not” part of of what’s happened in National Assembly.


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