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No promotion: These 3 employee types get nothing – are you one of them?

Blasphemy, moaning, sulking: These behaviors can cost the promotion. (Photo: Shutterstock-Damir Khabirov)
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Toxic behavior can quickly cost the transport – despite excellent professional qualifications, performance and experience. These three behaviors are extremely damaging to your career.

The years of service go by and although that The work environment in the company fits and you hang in there without end, there is one thing that is severely lacking: promotion. In fact, diligence is no guarantee of a promotion. As the personnel service provider Robert Half recently found out in a survey, the most common reason for more salary and responsibility is actually moving to a new company – 18 percent would have made a career step forward as a result. Only nine percent of the employees surveyed would have received their last raise because of goals they had achieved. The assumption of additional tasks was also decisive for just six percent, it says.

In fact, employees can also score points with their personality. This is at least as important as the professional qualifications and experience. Some character traits are even considered career killers. The career portal Careerbuilder carried out a survey on this last year. It says: “To a certain extent, what we call adolescent behavior can be harmless. It can help employees blow off steam and can even create a sense of community in the office, ”explains Rosemary Haefner, HR director at Careerbuilder. “However, there is a fine line between harmless fun and inappropriate behavior.”

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Careerbuilder surveyed 3,000 employees and 2,000 hiring managers and identified ten behaviors that are perceived as toxic in the work environment – and not least of which can cost workers a promotion. We have briefly described the three most negative types here: the complaining (55 percent), the pouting (46 percent) and the blasphemous (44 percent).

3 types that go empty for promotions

The complainer: At the top is the complainer. Anyone who constantly complains that, for example, a customer is annoying or that the table is full of tasks again, does not throw a good light on himself. This does not mean that an employee always has to put on a good face to play the bad game, but that above all constant negativity is perceived as more of a burden. Better: Love it, change it or leave it!

The pouter: People who constantly sulk are just as negative. For example, when one of your ideas did not make it into implementation. It is of course annoying when an employee feels misunderstood. Or maybe it’s because that person has to keep working on their persuasiveness. Anyone who behaves like a stubborn child will not make it to a manager.

The blasphemer: A little harmless blasphemy has the positive advantage that it can weld groups together. However, if you want to get into the management floor, you should absolutely refrain from blaspheming about colleagues in front of other employees. Managers lose trust in this way. Nobody supports superiors who laugh in your face and then blaspheme from behind.

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