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No more secrecy than Apple

The US technology giant Apple has confirmed the right of its employees to talk about their pay and working conditions. The move was the result of a concerted effort by employees to protect themselves as part of the #AppleToo movement.

Apple employees have been seeking such reinforcement since early 2021. Recently, the gap between them and the management of the company has widened. In recent months, employees have decided to break with Apple’s historic culture of secrecy and uncover alleged pay gaps, telecommuting policies and, last but not least, disputed hiring decisions.

“Apple is deeply committed to to provide workers with jobs where they feel safe, respected, and inspire them to do their best work, “the CNN Business said in a statement posted through the California-based company’s internal employee portal


“Our policies do not restrict employees from speaking freely about their pay, working hours or working conditions.” after setting up # AppleToo in August to help employees “organize and protect themselves.” Earlier this month, Parrish filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Council alleging that he had been fired in retaliation for his efforts.

In October, Parrish told the media that the group had received hundreds of reports shortly after the campaign was launched. on incidents from workers, ranging from “sexism to age discrimination to reports of rape and suicide.”

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