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No immediate food security challenge despite the floods: officials

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is not facing any acute shortage of this is basic basic food wheat, official says in the statement.

Officials at a meeting called by the National Flood Response Coordination Center (NFRCC) here with focus on food security said it year stock of wheat and other products items are more how in previous years, despite devastating floods in Pakistan, the agency said. in statement.

NFRCC was also said that purchases plans are in place to ensure annual national demand of 30.5 million tons of wheat.

The Center appealed to all interested parties with a request ensure availability of Another critical food items, especially baby food, including milk powder and nutritional supplements for flood-affected womenespecially in Sindh and Balochistan.

According to media, recent floods have damaged approximately 3.36 million hectares. of harvest in Pakistan, including over 1.37 million ha in Sind alone.


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