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No BJP decision on Kashi and Mathura courts, the constitution will decide: Nada

BJP on Monday made that it first official statement on The Dispute between Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Gyanvapi Mosquesaying that such issues will be settled in According with The constitution is decided by the courts. BJP Chairman JP Nada said: party Always talk about culture developmentwill follow command – order of court in Text and spirit.

“We were always talking about culture development. But these issues are dealt with with in According with Constitution and Governance of the courts. Therefore, the court and the constitution will decide on This will BJP follow He. She in text and soul on eve of 8th Anniversary of Narendra Modi government in the center.

Reply to questions on Whether the temples in Kashi and Mathura were reclaimed on schedule of work of BJP, Nada said that Ram Janmapumi issue was part of Resolution passed in The party’s national executive in Palambour, but “after that there was no solution”.

After the Palampur decision of June 1989, the BJP had seized up Ram Janmapumi Movement – Executed out By VHP until then – as part of its political agenda. It was LK Advani announced A Rath Yatra for ensure That “the temple was built in his hometown of Lord Ram”.

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Speaking separately, top government The employee said on Monday evening that the BJP did not say “anything”. on Kashi and Mathura fight each other and go away with Whatever the courts decide. Asked about the party’s position on Kashi and Mathura in the background of ongoing litigation, and government The employee said that people They may have different views,” but the BJP as a party didn’t say anything on this is”.

“we can not stop people From the interpretation of the law way They want the employee said. “we will go with The decision of the courts.”

At the press conference, Nada said the BJP is ready to welcome everyone in building Strong nation, rejected suggestions that department of people Feeling alienated under Modi government.

“when we were work Politically, our endeavor is to take everyone with you. We must be ready for He. She. we are ready for Nada said. “There are many types of people in Community. Some respond early, some later, some decades later, and some respond after a long time. It depends on they. But our behavior on Principle of strong nation, one Nation. This is it clear And everyone is equal share. “

He said that Modi government mission on Principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayaas”.

on Uttarakhand government Formation of a committee on Drafting a unified civil code, Nada said: “It’s okay. They (Uttarakhand) are discussing it. As much as we are. concernedWe said that everyone should be treated equally. Our broad scheme is justice Everyone, calm down of no one. this is our basic Principle, we work in According with He. She.”

Modi government said Nada changed Ushered in the political culture of India in responsive, responsible and proactive government. Siva, Sushasan and Gharib Kalyan (Service, good Governance and luxury of poor) “is the soul of Moody governmentNada who He said union ministers Smriti Irani, Dharmendra Pradhan and Anurag Thakur were surrounding him.

BJP released a theme song titled “Modi” government Architect of new India”, which highlights Building of Ram temple in Ayodhya and Kashi Vishwanath Pass in Varanasi, offers a glimpse of Krishna Janmapumi Temple in Mathura. a new lonliness of The NaMo . app was also Launched to “transport young people through innovation and educate them” of The work he did government for they”.

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asked about challenges The government she has faced in Nada said about eight years old: “First of all culture of India has changed And we brought in last delivery mile in governance process. the biggest challenge Had to see policy implementation in Text and spirit. Modi has taken care of himself of this is – for Who had to shake system And this process has disturbed many.”

According to Linda, the pandemic and the war created Ukraine problemsbut the government managed to keep growth rate intact, which also took Care of The issue of The unemployment.


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