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Nitish Kumar’s party attacks BJP, tension escalates in alliance

Nitish Kumar called for a meeting of All JD(U) MLAs and MPs

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called for a meeting of All Janata Dal (United) MLAs and Members of Parliament on Tuesday, leading To predict increased friction with BJP may come to a head.

Here’s a 10-point cheat sheet for that big story:

  1. Among the many reasons why Mr. Kumar is upset with BJP, an alliance partner of Janata Dal (United) or JD (U) in Bihar, the central party was led by the BJP government of token Representing the Allies as Union Ministers.

  2. Mr. Kumar party Marsa had denied another Rajya Sabha last his month former JD (U) RCP Singh Fellow, who take a spot in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government last year without consulting Mr. Kumar. Yesterday, Mr. Singh bid farewell to JD (U) over Contempt for the Rajya Sabha.

  3. “There is a conspiracy against I am because I will become union Mr. Singh said, former Indian administrative service officer who was once national president of dinars (U). “Sick just Say there is no cure for jealousy,” he said as he left JD(U) yesterday. in Which of His Seven Souls,” describing J.D.(U) as the sinking ship.

  4. Today, Mr. Kumar replied by sending out His party’s senior leaders to respond to Mr. Singh’s allegations of insignificance and for He allegedly dragged him family to a politician fight Quoting illegal property deals.

  5. dinar (U) national President Rajiv Ranjan (Lalan) Singh in However, rushing to dampen Singh’s attacks seemed to have overcorrected when he finished up threatening the alliance party Bharatiya Janata.

  6. “What is the need to me join Federal Cabinet? The Chief Minister He made his decision in 2019 we won’t be a part of “Federal Cabinet,” Rajiv Ranjan told reporters. wonr join Federal Cabinet in near future very, leading to speculate of An irreparable crack.

  7. sudden increase in outburst of Mr. Kumar’s assistants like Rajiv Ranjan is seen as compliant move to press on The BJP to concede to the Chief Minister’s demands, which include removal of President of Bihar Vijay Kumar Singh Society, for Who hates Nitish Kumar is open secret.

  8. The Chief MinisterUnder the pretext of health reasons, he has stayed away from the meeting of The government NITI Aayog . think tank in Delhi this weekend, which was attended by 23 chief ministers including Mamata Banerjee of West Bengal. Absence was seen as something else show of Mr. Kumar is angry at the BJP.

  9. Singh denied the charge of negotiation directly with Modi government for ministerial position in center. He said Home Minister Amit Shah had spoken to Kumar about the expansion of the government and he offered it one berth to party on Provided that Mr. Singh himself becomes the Union Minister.

  10. Mr. Singh also Dinar (U) denied allegations of wrongdoing in for him property deals. “This property belongs to my wife and other dependents, who They have paid taxes due since 2010. “I don’t know what party wants to investigate. “I have nothing to hide,” he said.


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