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nine new COVID-19 symptoms added How does the free trial end?

The National Health Service has updated it’s covid information page by adding nine new official symptoms of virus, since free testing is excluded for most of in population.

The health care provider previously listed three official symptoms; high temperature and new continuous cough and loss or change in sensation of smell or taste.

Now there is total of 12 symptoms with NHS adds shortness of breathing, feeling more tired than usual body pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and feeling unwell or unwell.

This also includes headaches, sore throat, and congestion or runny nose. The note on website adds: “The symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of other illnesses such as colds and flu.”

According to the Zoe Covid symptom tracker, the loss of smell and taste less common among omicron infections. While the change in feelings were in 10 first symptoms earlier in 2021 – when Delta was the dominant option – estimated now only one in five people experience This.

Both the World Health Organization and US centers for Disease control and prevention have longer lists of symptoms. for for a while, but the UK just three symptoms for almost two years of pandemic.

news of the change happens a few days after the free universal test for covid is over in England on April 1 with of in government plan for a life with virus.

IN update on March 29 health and social care secretary Sajid Javid said free tests will continue available for those who are serious risk of sickness from Covid. NHS staff and adult social service personnel, etc. in “high-risk settings”, will also continue to have the right to exist.

Majority of in population I will need to purchase tests, with Boots and Superdrug sell sideflow tests at launch price of £1.99.

update to official list of symptoms are welcomed by experts, with professor Tim Spector, lead scientist of Zoe project wrote on Twitter: “NHS official Main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) finally changed after 2 years of lobbying and user input of the Zoe app – hooray! sorry they are ok wrong – but this start and could help reduce infections. thanks to the ZOE registrars!”

He previously criticized governmentRussia’s “refusal” of recognizing a “wider of symptoms”, suggesting that without officially recognizing more symptoms may drive up transmission speed.

“government’s refusal to recognize a wide range of of symptoms and to drop isolation advice and testing will likely lead to an incredible amount of cases that we are seeing today,” Spector said.

“Many people are no longer isolated when they develop symptoms, either because they feel they no longer need it or because they or their employers still do not recognize the symptoms like runny nose or sore throat like Covid.”

Friday at the office for National statistics reported that 4.1 million people in England was estimated to have had Covid in week ending 26 March up from 3.5 million in previous week.

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