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Nicola Sturgeon warns trade war with European Union over Northern Ireland Protocol could ‘push’ UK into recession

WithGeoffrey Donaldson, leader of the DUP, told Michael Martin, Irish Taoiseach that his party not interested in “adhesive plaster” for post-Brexit border problems caused Northern Ireland Protocol.

Speech after the meeting with Mr Martin in Today in Belfast, Sir Geoffrey said: “We had what I would call a useful meeting. with Taoiseach, we wrote it out very clear to him problems with protocol, the damage it does to Northern Ireland, and that we need decision, we need decisive action to close the deal with these problems.

“We are not interested in band-aid approach or fiddling around the edges, this should be a fundamental change that respects Northern Ireland place inside UK market and nothing short of this will be enough.

“I think when the EU talks about proposals they have a very limited mandate and that mandate is to forward ideas in context of operating in current protocol but it doesn’t matter with Any of the problems we have in respect of our relationship with rest of United Kingdom.”


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