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NIA Strikes Against Terror: How To Bhatkal Islamic State Operate to 48 Digital Warriors

in a big campaign against terrorthe National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided 13 locations in seven states, including Maharashtra, and arrested 48 people – 13 on Sunday and 35 on Saturday – with Ties to the Islamic State (IS), thwarting their plan for “Something big” against India.

According to the exclusive details of high-ranking intelligence sources, the arrests were a result of interrogation of Exhale the essence of Damudi who Arrested from Bhatkal in Karnataka in August 2021 for His alleged links to IS.

With leads from Damodi, the agency has been watching on voice of Hind, the India-based ISIS magazine, for The past one yearthe source told CNN-News18 exclusively.

The agency noted that the magazine had very accurate details of The onground mode in India that can not be possible Without local resources, the source said. This led them to 48 men According to him.

They were all associated with the Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISKP) added.

Arrests and her interrogation also Led the agency to the Voice of Hind network of Kashmir run by Omar Nizar.

IS . digital content

Security sources said they were concerned About threats from ISKP and other networks.

48 menThe agency source said, was creating content for the sound of Hind and other ISKP-related groups.

After the last insult of The Prophet was found That these groups were planning ‘something’ big in India,” the source said.

Zhfri Johar Damudi has been arrested by Bhatkal in Karnataka in August 2021 for His alleged links to IS. (News 18)

They were inciting Muslims and Indian Muslims community all over the world. Thus, this rigorous campaign was planned. They have confessed their connections to Damodi and Voice of Hind, the source said.

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According to the sources, the interrogation and forensic examination of exact digital media Underway.

arrests of Major ISIS supporters will act as a deterrent to them plans will also Stop other units, the source said.


News18 was on July 14 reported that ISKP terror group Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the lid of The latest Version of her tongue.

regional company of The Islamic State operates mainly in Afghanistan. “Khorasan” refers to the date region parts covering of Modern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Earlier, the publication mainly focused on Khorasan, but suddenly it started covering India-related topics as well, sources said.

Senior intelligence sources said that ISKP had also A request from its staff attack Hindu parties.

the lid of Voice Magazine of Khorasan, was also He said India was “between pain and hope”.

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