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NHS worker wins £1m jackpot in lottery just before getting everythingclear from cancer | UK news

The NHS worker said she felt “really luckyafter winning the £1 million jackpot lottery just before getting everythingclear from breast cancer treatment.

Maxine Lloyd said she was watching on her fiancé, Wayne Tilbury, who recently collapsed with chest infection, at 1:30 when she decided to “flutter” on £30M National Lottery Mega Cash Showdown Instant Win game.

fifty-year- thought the old one, the telephone notification she received during first the consignment of the radiographic treatment was a message from her partner, but it was actually a message from her bank say that the winnings were transferred to her account.

in space of two weeks, Mr. Tilbury, 57-year-old builder, brought to A&E with chest infection, Miss Lloyd called bell to mark a successful ending of her cancer treatment, and a couple won £1 million.

“I feel really lucky’ said Mrs Lloyd.

NHS worker Maxine Lloyd and her fiancé Wayne Tilbury of Kettering celebrate her £1 million. win on one of    moment of the National Lottery win games    at Barton Hall Hotel in Kettering, Northamptonshire, which became double-celebration when she got everything-clear for    breast cancer in a few days.  Photo date: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

“I am here, I am alive, and we just was a bit of cherry on vertex of cake really.

Ergotherapist from Kettering in Northamptonshire, said she decided to go public with her win urge people to call their GP if they notice any changes on the skin or chest.

She told her first purchase had an iWatch, but a couple have already looked to buy house – with one they tried desperately to appear on in market on day they won jackpot.

Explanation of its causes for going public with in win she said, “We don’t want go public initially.

“But I really do wish that if one a woman or a man goes and just checks their skin or their breasts… if something is wrong, let the specialist tell you about it – which is what they did to me.”

Miss Lloyd was told that her primary cancer was successfully removed on Christmas Eve last year but experts recommended undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy in order to reduce in risk of the cancer is back.

She said, “I finished chemotherapy and started a two-week course a few weeks later. of radiation therapy and I was literally on the table with my radiotherapy and my bag was in in corner of room.

“My phone rang and I thought it was just be Wayne, check if I’m okay, because he can’t in with to me.

“When I received up and went out of room, I looked and it was bank notification that I have £1 million in my bank.

“Time is everything just it was surreal with time”.

Now she had everythingclear for cancer, Miss Lloyd said she wanted “give something back” for the treatment she received.

“Life has been a little crazy and there have been many of little things that I think will help – small things like… breast cancer dresses.

“I just want to give something back.”

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