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NHS to be ‘priority’ in come back for reform, says No. 10

FROMconservative supporters rallied round Suella Breiverman.

Royston Smith MP for This was announced by Southampton Itchen on his Twitter. followers: “If we continue allow in media and opposition to dictate who should as well as should not to be in office we don’t deserve to be in government.”

Marco Longhi, Member of Parliament for Dudley North said ‘many choose to ignore’ high levels of support among conservative voters and Breixt supporters for the Rwanda plan (between 70 and 73 percent, according to Matt Goodwin of People Polling) and turning back small boats (85 to 90 percent).

And Mark Jenkinson, Conservative MP for in former stronghold of labor of Workington, wrote in article for Conservative Home: “In my opinion, Braverman has what it takes to fix this crisis. But she needs the support of the cabinet and the prime minister.

“Work, work know this and know too much to pull myself together of immigration against their protection for open borders and their softness on immigration will be ours secret weapons on next elections. This explains their ongoing noise not sending of any email. They think they spotted a crack in our defenses, and will concentrate all his efforts in what direction in the hope it gives.”

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