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NFTs take the red pill: Matrix will have its own NFT before its premiere

The new film of the cinematic metaverse of The Matrix, together with its production company Warner Bros, is about to launch a collection of NFTs based on hyper-realistic avatars of characters from the film.

The The collection, which will be put on sale on the Nifty’s platform, will consist of a total of 100,000 pieces of avatars from the film with a value of USD 50 each, which will be available to the public from November 30.

The announcement of the launch was published by Nifty’s itself on its web portal. This platform has already promoted the launch of other films, such as Space Jam, starring NBA star Lebron James.

The particular thing about each of the NFTs is that they will be generated thanks to to the MetaHuman Creator tool, developed by Epic games, the creator of the Fornite game. This allows you to create realistic characters of which it is possible to change physical characteristics with millions of possible combinations.

The experience of the metaverse of Matrix

The plot of the new Matrix movie is a science fiction version of what today it is known as the metaverse, a concept that Facebook also recently dabbled in. Warner is creating a new never-before-seen movie launch experience

Mid year, Warner Bros launched the interactive web portal Whatisthematrix.com, in which users could take a look at the new trailer for the film. Allowing, in addition, to choose the red or blue pill, iconic of this saga.

According to the choice of users they were shown a personalized video in which a narrator’s voice told them exactly what time it was on their PC. Source: Whatisthematrix.com.

Now, to create a totally different experience from the world of the Matrix metaverse, Warner Bros has released an NFT bundle. However, according to the Variety portal, the use of these collectibles will not only be an image of a “hyper-realistic metahuman.”

As of December 16, days before the premiere in cinemas and in the HBO MAX streaming platform, NFT holders will have the possibility to choose whether their avatars take the “Blue” pill, which will not change their physical characteristics, or take the pill “Red” that will turn the “metahuman” into a warrior of “Zion” disconnected from the Matrix


To continue offering a user experience to Matrix NFT holders, Warner Bros will launch annual challenges that will allow these users to earn rewards in NFT or change the appearance of their avatars.

Adding to the increase in interest in everything related to the metaverse, which has af ected to the cryptocurrency market as reported by CriptoNoticias, the producers of Matrix seem to have found a market to exploit

, as they expect to earn USD 5 million in revenue from this new NFT collection.

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