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New York court overturns contempt order against Trump and orders him to pay $110,000. in fines

Judge Arthur Engoron set a few conditions he said need be met by May 20, otherwise he will reinstate the contempt sentence and possibly apply it retroactively. These terms include the provision of sworn statements describing the retention and destruction of Trump Organization records. policy including how Post-it notes have been processed, and completing in review of five crates tied to Trump that were discovered in en off-warehouse space. Writing decision it is expected to be published later on Wednesday.

Judge also agreed with allow Trump to place fine in escrow account up to former presidential address of contempt judgment completed.

The judge stopped the clock on fine as of last On Friday, as Trump’s lawyers filed additional sworn statements, including one from Trump on his enforcement efforts with subpoena from New York Attorney General office for records.

New York Attorney General office moved to keep Trump in contempt after he failed fulfill with subpoena for issued documents in December 2021. Lawyer generalx office examines accuracy of financial statements that the Trump Organization has made available to lenders, insurers, and for tax incentives.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Andrew Amer, attorney for state, home in on in issue of Post-it stickers known to be Trump use communicate with his staff, and whether they were converted over.

“As far as we know, we have not seen any documents with stickers. on them. And this one of strange things about production to date given claims that it is a means of for Mr. Trump for contact,” Ames said. of Stickers should be included in storage and destruction of documents policy.

Alina Khabba, lawyer for Trump, she told her, the Trump organization said. general counsel that all Post-it stickers were already presented to the attorney generalx office.

“It’s a little comical,” she told the judge, holding up stack of Post. “I don’t have an official practice on Stickers, right?

The judge said they could start a new practice in law: Post-it affidavit.

The judge said that he also wanted Trump’s lawyers respond to any attempts to contact former Trump’s executive aides and whether they can be found.

Trump on Friday filed updated affidavit with judge, stating that he no longer had cell phones issued by the Trump organization and that he had applied over his personal mobile phone is subject to a search. Hubba said she personally searched every nightstand, desk and closet in Trump’s property and found The documents requested by the subpoena are not available.

This story was updated with additional developments and background information.


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