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New York and Miami fight over bitcoin

Who’d say? Two cities in the United States are fighting over which is the most friendly to cryptocurrencies. Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York, declared that he will start a “friendly competition” with Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, who has made headlines yesterday for announcing that he will receive his salary in bitcoin.

Francis Suarez has been doing various actions to maximize the use of cryptocurrencies in Miami. Not only did he establish to receive his total salary in bitcoin, he also partnered with CityCoins to launch a special token for its inhabitants . This asset called MiamiCoin (MIA) is now available for purchase and sale.

From another part of the country, Eric Adams, who took office as mayor of New York on November 2, sees the initiative of Suarez in a positive way. He considers that it is a policy that benefits the population of the capital of Florida and he was not afraid to say that MiamiCoin “is working very well.”

In addition, he stated that the Miami project could be replicated in New York. That is, the city that never sleeps could also have its own cryptocurrency in the future if it partners with CityCoins . This organization aims to continue creating tokens for cities in the United States that want it and demonstrate it through the vote of citizens.

Eric Adams publicly supports the cryptocurrency industry. Source: Twitter.

New York seeks to maximize the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The new mayor of New York stated his intention to increase the adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the city. He assured that he is not only going to evaluate the possibility of creating his own token. Also will find out what are the factors that are limiting the development of the industry in its territory .

Specifically, Eric Adams promised to “look at what which is preventing the growth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our city. Regarding this, as CriptoNoticias revealed, some time ago, the mayor of Miami publicly stated that New York was wrong trying to paralyze bitcoin mining .

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