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New World is far from new


New World is far from new

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What makes New World so frustrating is that if you have experience with mmorpgs, you probably love want to love this game. The idea of ​​a new modern MMO with modern graphics and action-packed combat is very appealing. You also want to see the game develop. But if you’re still doing the same things 10 hours after you started, you’ll wonder why you’d want to do all of this again. For the ‘end game’? Weren’t we done with this, that you have to grind for fifty hours before the so-called ‘real game’ starts? It was occupational therapy ten years ago and it still is today. If you invite people to spend hundreds of hours in your game, you must bid more than fifty hours of “kill ten rats” each time.A New World
A New World

A New World A New World

It’s very difficult not to write reductionistically about this, but New World almost ticks all the boxes of a standard mmorpg. Mmo aficionados have played this game for thousands of hours in a sense. It is therefore also a missed opportunity. A real dynamic new mmo with fresh, original ideas and a real evolution of old systems would be more than welcome. It is high time that another great shared hallucination was developed where thousands of players can go on an adventure and start a virtual second life. In any case, New World is not.

New World is now available for PC.A New World

  • There is something strange about New World. This new mmo from Amazon Games does a lot of good on paper: It looks nice, has all kinds of fun game systems and collectibles, battles are action-based instead of pressing series of number buttons and there is a faction system to pit players against each other. to put. But what it doesn’t have is a soul.
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