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New video shows moments before a Sikh from the Nihang sect killed a man in Amritsar

Sikhs Nihang were seen talking with The man before his death


New CCTV footage shows the man who hacked for death three men Near the Golden Temple in Amritsar Punjab talking to a woman before his murder.

In the new CCTV footage, man, on His bike, stop talking with woman who It seems that move away from him. The man looks at the woman, but she looks away.

Two Sikhs Nihang, who He will later appear attacking the man, walk past Then back to the place. They both seem to be talking to the woman. The man quickly tries to escape, but is stopped one of nihang sikh, who Hold the handlebar.

It is not known what happened between the man and the woman.

Yesterday, it was reported that a factory worker has been hacked death three menincluding Nihang skewers, over Tobacco that is chewed.

CCTV clip for 2 minutes of The attack Shared by the police shows Brief verbal altercation by one of Sikhs withdraw Nihang out his sword. The guy pushes him and tries it escape on feet, but two Sikhs Nihang catch him and overpower him. A third man appears joining Assault dagger strikes and landing on for him.

A CCTV camera outside Hotel seized murder on Wednesday. The body stayed on The street Overnight, next In drain, until the police arrived know on Thursday morning.

Nihang Sikhs – part of Extremeconservative system within Sikhs – got into a fight with Harmanjit Singh, reportedly in His twenties.

“They abused their chewing tobacco and drinking them while on the roaming in Which – which areaPolice Commissioner Arun Pal Singh told reporters street Barely a kilometer from the Sikh temporal shrine Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple.

“It’s a shame that while he was there six-Seven people on slick, nothing of called them us,” The city The police chief said.

Harmangate mother He said he was going abroad soon.


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