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New Naval Alliance Formed Between Iran and Persian Gulf Countries: Iranian Navy Commander Reveals

Iranian Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani announced the formation of new regional and international alliances.

Shahram Irani said in a television interview on Friday night that a joint alliance of Iranian navies with countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq, will soon be formed.

He added: “Today, the countries of the region have reached a point that if security in the region is to be maintained, it must be done through synergy and mutual cooperation.”

“In this regard, new alliances are being formed at the regional and international levels,” he added.

Referring to the naval alliance between Iran, Russia and China, the commander of the fleet said that this trilateral alliance is developing with Moscow and Beijing, where we conduct exercises every year.

“In addition, regional alliances are being formed,” he added.

He stated that the region would soon be deprived of any undue force for its presence, and the peoples of the region would control their security sphere using their soldiers.

In response to a question about countries requesting participation in joint regional actions with Iran, the Iranian admiral shouted out: “We had joint actions with Oman before, and now Saudi Arabia is moving in this direction, as well as the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and India.”

He explained that almost all countries in the northern Indian Ocean now believe that they must support Iran and work together to achieve security.

Source: “Persian News”

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