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New Corona .. There is no relationship between blood type and infection

New studies float to the surface every day regarding infection with the Corona virus on the one hand, and the existence of a relationship or not with other diseases, while other factors have been found that may increase the likelihood of infection, such as skin color or age.

A new scientific study has found that a person’s blood type does not affect the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, according to What was published by the British “Daily Mail”, denying the validity of previous studies that indicated that people with blood type A are more susceptible to infection with the virus.

Refute the results of previous studies

To confirm the validity of these results, American doctors conducted an analytical study of health data for more than 100,000 people who underwent testing for Covid 19 throughout the states of Utah, Idaho and Nevada, between March and November 2020.

In addition, cross-references of Covid-19 cases that include data about blood type revealed that there is no correlation between them, which refutes previous results.

No Relationship

Also, Dr. Geoffrey Anderson, from the Heart Institute at the Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City, USA, revealed in Dra A group of more than 11,000 people who were newly infected with the Coronavirus, did not find any links between the ABO blood group system in terms of disease susceptibility or severity of infection.

Pure coincidence!

In the context, the researchers were unable to explain why previous studies reached different conclusions, but they cited many factors that may have led to the previous results, among them pure chance and differences Genetics, geography and variables.

Other risk factors

The study also found that there are other factors that may actually increase the risk of developing Covid -19, including age, color and gender, explaining that more of those who required entering the intensive care units were non-white and elderly men.

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