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New Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Singh Facing Arrest Not Aware, Nitish Kumar Says

Nitish Kumar split with BJP earlier this month formed government with RJD


Nitish Kumar new Minister of Law, Kartikeya Singh, confronts arrest in Kidnapping case and warrant out. But Bihar Chief Minister He told reporters today that he had no idea of No such case against for him minister.

“I’m not aware of When asked by reporters about the memo, Nitish Kumar said: against Kartikeya Singh, who Belongs to party of vice Chief Minister Cheer up Yadav.

Kartikeya Singh was scheduled to surrender in court on 16. On the same day, he was sworn in in K minister in Nitish Kumar new government.

Mr. Singh, Member of Bihar legislature, accused, combined with 17 others, in 2014 kidnapping case he is accused with kidnapping planning of Building in Yes murder for him. Claims that false charges have been brought and that there is no injunction against for him. The Patna High Court order indicated that the victim in The case did not mention Mr. Singh’s name in His statement before the investigative judge.

On August 12, a court ordered no “coercive action” to be taken. against Him until September 1.

Nitish Kumar split with BJP earlier this month formed government with The RJD party of Tegashwi Yadav and other parties. The Chief Minister and yadav took swear on August 10 Five days later, Nitish Kumar added 31 ministers, most of them of them from RJD. His Janata Dal United team kept 11 ministries.

Nitish Kumar was convinced, according to the sources, that Home Minister Amit Shah was trying to make his way party He was plotting a Maharashtra-style coup. Udhav Thackeray government collapsed in Maharashtra after empowering the BJP rebellion in Shiv Sena by Eknath Shinde, who it is now Chief Minister.

For several months before the break-upBJP leaders in Bihar had been receiving needles regularly and had read banners of problem.


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