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Neverwinter Patch Notes 10.61 Update Today on August 20, 2022 – Game Updates

A new Game Update has been released for Neverwinter Update 10.61 Find out all the latest information of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes below. Neverwinter Update 10.61 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5,  Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Reptilian Extraction: Players should once again be able to complete both the first-time and the repeatable versions of this quest.


  • Heroic Encounters in the Dark Fey Mire no longer have incorrect timing and displays while in the safe area of New Sharandar.

Well of Dragons

  • In the heroic encounter, Raising Hell, the Pit Fiend should no longer be put into a broken state.

Enemies and Encounters

Rise of Tiamat

  • Players are no longer teleported from the safe area back into the fight at the start of Phase 2.

Greed of the Dragonflight

  • Dragons now have a much less generous leash radius.
  • Oxuno the Treacherous’ Mass Dispel power no longer persists for 10 seconds, repeatedly dispelling for the duration.
  • The Travelling Wizard now consistently states that the event can be tackled by 5 to 40 players.

Items and Economy

Masterwork Profession Resources

  • Displacer Beast’s Whiskers now drop much more frequently.
  • Shard of Dawn’s Light now drops a little more frequently.


  • The unbound version of the Shadow Drake mount is no longer incorrectly Unique.


  • Gilded Moonstone Regalia packs now properly say they give Gilded Moonstone Regalia fashion items, rather than Noble Finery fashion items.

User Interface


  • Fashion slots no longer get into a state where items can no longer be slotted, or items are slotted and do not display. A side effect of the fix may cause an invisible item to be placed into the overflow bag; this item can safely be deleted.


  • Changing loadouts while powers with multiple charges are cooling down no longer causes those powers to become stuck in their cooldown process.


  • Certain types of Free Retrains no longer cause characters to get into a funky state. While this prevents future occurrences of this issue, we’re still working on a fix for characters already in a bad state.


  • Item names are now localized in error messages about reaching the item cap.
  • The role bonus in the queue window is now localized.
  • Trap disarm messages in various zones are now localized.
  • The map name, Tower of the Mad Mage, is now localized.
  • The map name, Umbraxakar’s Lair, is now localized.
  • Various Improvised versions of Bard powers are now properly localized.

Known Issues

Greed of the Dragonflight

  • Dragonflight helmet does not appear on Dragonborn.


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