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never will want Mock Encounters…’: CM on Rajasthan’s bid for arrest journalist | India latest news

President of Rajasthan minister Ashok Gilot on Monday said that government never will want “mock encounters” like UP” to happen after the state police arrived at the residence of Noida TV journalist Aman Chopra arrest Despite the Supreme Court’s order not to take any coercive action. Chopra is booked for It is alleged to encourage animosity between different groups and harm religious sentiments through giving out Misleading details about demolition of temple in Alor district in Rajasthan.

Speaking to reporters, the senior A congressional leader fueling fire easy but put it off Difficult.

“The law takes its own course. We will not want fake encounters like Until it happens … kindling fire easy but put it off He said.

Three FIRs registered against chopra under various Sections for sedition, stirring up religious sentiment, and promoting hostility between two groups and under the Information Technology Act on April 23. While Chopra got temporary protection From the Rajasthan High Court arrest in FIRs . have been registered against for him in Bondi and Alwar districts, police said it is facing a arrest Memorandum after district court order in Dungarpur District, reported news PTI Agency.

“for us team is camping in Noida and search everything possible locations to track him. yesterday, also for us team Went to Chopra house But it wasn’t found The agency quoted Dungarpur SP Sudhir Joshi as saying.

Joshi said the endowment has been granted on for him arrest in FIRs . have been registered in Bondi and Loire counties and do not mention the FIR registered area in Dongarpur. he is also alleged deficiency of Cooperation from Noida Police as they were asked to come to a local police station before acting on The arrest note.

“for us team He was stopped and told to come to a local police station before directly the acting on The arrest note. We can’t say it is. full cooperation ” added.

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