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“Neighbor” wants to order K-Electric for Aamir Liaquat death

A citizen in Karachi on Saturday turned to the police with a question for case for registration against K-Electric – cityx power supply company – for his supposed hand in in death of politician and broadcaster Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain.

The applicant, Hadji Liaquat, filed a FIR with the Brigada police station, alleging that he lived near house of late TV presenter, resident of Shara-i-Kueidin, Express news reported.

That man, who said he was a member of Muhajir Movement Qaumi, said he rushed to the residence of the late MNA after finding out about his death via social media.

He added that when he reached the house he saw the arrangements made to transport body through Chhip’s ambulance.

The applicant went on to add that the TV presenter death was caused down the chimney out of generator and subsequently fill Liaquat’s residence.

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According to him, K-Electric resorted to a 12-hour load shutdown. in above area and that’s what took Life of Liaquat.

The applicant asked to register the case against owner of in power Company, general manager Bahadurabad zone, Tipu Sultan road and others responsible.

The applicant asked for case for registration on these grounds for saving other citizens “from death”.

Died popular TV presenter and politician on Thursday at his residence in Karachi.

fifty-year- the old man was urgently taken to the hospital, where he could not be resuscitated and ascertained dead. His death came as a shock to media industry and people took out the anger on social media trolls who stalked the TV presenter for his unsuccessful third marriage.


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