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Negotiations to form a government in Iraq may be prolonged.. an official clarifies

Negotiations to form a government in Iraq may be prolonged.. an official clarifies

Despite the tensions that the country has witnessed during the past days, especially in terms of some factions loyal to Iran continuing to reject the results of the legislative elections, and targeting the home of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, talk and efforts are still going on behind the scenes in order to form the next government.

In this context, Hassan Nazim, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, considered that holding the parliament session and forming the government may need some time.

“You need time”

He also added, in statements to the official news agency today, Monday, that “the election process has taken place, and other matters have constitutional deadlines in negotiation, appeals, forming the government, and starting the work of Parliament.” That “the process is underway and may need some time to weave understandings between the political forces, and this is a normal and familiar matter, starting with appeals to political understandings, reaching parliament and forming the government.”

Scenes of damage to the home of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi (archive- AFP)

Political Tensions

The attempt to assassinate Al-Kazemi yesterday complicated the issue of forming the government, and the file of the largest bloc, at a time when the country is already experiencing severe political tensions against the background of the results of the early parliamentary elections that were held on the tenth of October. “Chatham House” Renad Mansour said that Sunday’s attack “is linked to the process of forming the government,” considering, according to Agence France-Presse, that “drone attacks have become a common strategy to send warning messages… Yesterday’s attack came as a warning to Al-Kazemi, but also to Muqtada Al-Sadr.” The winner of the largest number of deputies (more than 70) according to the preliminary results.

From the sit-in of the crowd supporters in Baghdad (archive – Reuters)

The political blocs representing the Popular Mobilization, an alliance of armed factions loyal to Iran and affiliated with the armed forces, have repeatedly announced during the past two weeks their rejection of the preliminary results that showed a significant decrease in the number of their seats under the parliament dome.

Before things deteriorated quickly on Saturday and Sunday with the launch of a campaign of incitement and mobilization against Al-Kazemi, Matt He accused him of being involved in the killing of one of its leaders in the Green Zone against what it describes as electoral fraud.


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