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“Nebo’s pension excludes someone.” Libya is divided over the Gaddafi crisis

The decision of the High Electoral Commission to exclude Saif al-Islam Gaddafi from the presidential elections to be held in Libya next month, led to a sharp division in the street and among Libyans. The late Muammar Gaddafi, but opinions differed about the decision to exclude his son from among 25 others who were also excluded on Wednesday, with a preliminary decision subject to appeal.

While a Libyan citizen named Ali Al-Jeddi expressed his satisfaction with this decision, telling Reuters: “Saif Al-Islam must be removed from the scene completely, so his exit is the best way, but he must be removed from the scene now.” He also added, “His candidacy is something that is not acceptable to the Libyan people. This is a prophet we say.”

“Nebu Nebo Nebo-Had Pension”

(And he added, “Nebo’s pension excludes anyone.. Anyone who comes in the fund wins.”

He also stressed that the Libyan people are the ones who decide, and they can choose their president even if one million people are nominated, as he put it.

Gaddafi supporters escalate

While the Libyan Tribes Union, loyal to the former regime, escalated its warnings and threats, in response to the exclusion of Gaddafi’s son from the upcoming presidential marathon, and said that “the manipulation of In the electoral process, it will have disastrous consequences.”

He also accused in a statement yesterday, “the High Electoral Commission of politicizing the elections, and not complying with the regulating laws.”

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi (archive – Reuters)


In addition, he considered that “the dark forces that did not like the stability of the country and the end of the state of chaos… by excluding Saif al-Islam in various ways and means, Taking advantage of its control over the capital, Tripoli, and all aspects of the state, it is unaware of the consequences of this behavior,” according to his description. 10 of the Electoral Law.

It also based its decision on another article, which requires the submission of a legal document confirming that the candidate has no precedents.

No final judgment

A court in Tripoli had sentenced Saif al-Islam to death in absentia in 2015 for committing war crimes in the uprising against his father in 2011.

He appeared at that trial via a video link From the city of Zintan, where he was held by fighters who captured him during his attempt to escape from Libya after the overthrow of his father, Gaddafi’s legal team confirmed that any final ruling was not issued.

“Nebo’s pension excludes someone.” Libya is divided over the Gaddafi crisis

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (archive – Reuters)

Later, Saif al-Islam responded with a written message to the commission’s decision, calling on Libyans to obtain and preserve their electoral cards, in order to participate in the expected elections.

These developments come as they threaten Several disputes over the rules of the elections, including the legal basis for voting and the eligibility of some personalities to run, derail the internationally supported electoral process.

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