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NBA rumor – Paschnik is approaching Los Angeles?

NBA rumor – Paschnik is approaching Los Angeles?
Anžejs Pasečņiks Photo: Washington Wizards

Taking into account the information from several information sources, Latvian basketball player Anžejs Pasečņiks could possibly join one of the teams of the National Basketball Association (NBA), based in Los Angeles.

Today, basketball player Artūrs Kalnītis published a rather intriguing post on the social network Instagram. “The final meeting is in Los Angeles, but I will go to Dubai tomorrow. I tell you, friends, this is not real life. Great news is coming. ”

Meanwhile, in the program “Ūdenszeļļi” one of its directors Edgars Buļs said the following some time ago. “According to the information at my disposal, Anžeja’s agent Artūrs Kalnītis has gone to the USA to settle this issue. . As far as I know, he went to Los Angeles. ”

Also Latvian Basketball Kaspars Cyprus, Secretary General of the European Union (LBS), told the Sportacentrs portal that Passecnik had been contacted by national team coordinator Emil Tom, to whom Angie had revealed that he was trying to join the NBA team.

All indications are that Pacechnik could join one of the Los Angeles teams – “Clippers” or “Lakers” or one of the farm clubs of both units and continue the season in the G League. Of course, it is not excluded that Kalnītis spoke about someone else in his their client, but agents usually do not take part in conversations when it comes to replacement and this means that the story is not about Dave Bertan or Rodion Kuruc. It is also unlikely that the interest from the NBA is in Jānis Strēlnieks or Artūrs Kurucs, who represent Euroleague clubs.

In any case, one of Kalnītis’ clients will soon continue his career on the Los Angeles basketball team. The Clippers and Lakers are among the NBA favorites this season. The only nominal centers of the Lakers are Montrezl Herels and Mark Gazols, while Serge Ibaka, Ivica Zubacs and Daniel Oturu play in the position of the Clippers center.

Paschnik started the season at the Washington Wizards, but was fired by the club on January 17. The Latvian went to the field in only one NBA game this season, but that was enough for him to set the Washington club’s anti-record and approach the worst result in NBA history. Namely, the 25-year-old center was in the only game of the season on January 1 against the Timberwolves of Minnesota (130: 109) for six minutes and 19 seconds, during which the Latvian made five mistakes. According to the statistics portal Basketball-Reference, no other Wizards player in the history of the club has accumulated so many mistakes in six minutes or less. It also became the second-worst all-time record in the entire NBA.

In the first round of the NBA’s new player draft in the first round of 2017 with the 25th, Orlando’s “Magic” was chosen, who immediately replaced him with the “76ers” of Philadelphia. Last summer, the Philadelphia Club withdrew from Pasechnik. In the NBA career, Pašečņiks has gone to 28 matches in total, averaging 5.6 points, accumulating 3.9 rebounds and returning 0.7 assists. “Wizards” is also represented by another Latvian basketball player Dāvis Bertāns, so for a short time it was possible to observe a unique situation, namely, for the first time in history, two Latvian basketball players played for one NBA team.

Last season, the Washington club in the “bubble” of Orlando gave Pasečnik only minimal playing time, although there were no number of regular players in the line-up and the Wizards did not decide in the eight-game break. It is not known why the Latvian, who was not injured, did not have more playing time. The situation remained unchanged this season as well.

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