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Nawaz Sharif asks government to take ‘immediate legal action’ against Imran Khan

LONDON: former prime minister and PML-N head Nawaz Sharif on On Tuesday called on the federal government take “immediate legal action” against PTI Chairman Imran Khan after the election committee of Pakistan Verdict (ECP) against his party in prohibited funding case.

“Today it’s proven […] and now the whole nation knows imran khan is the biggest thief in [the country’s] history”, he asserted.

Earlier today ECP, in its verdict ruled that PTI did indeed receive prohibited funds.

The EKP stated party owned only eight accounts before the commission and announced 13 accounts unknown.

The commission has at its disposal also said he was “forced to believe that Imran Khan failed fulfill their obligations under Pakistani law.”

Conversation with journalists outside his residence in London today, Nawaz said that Imran is used to give “lectures” for people about honesty. “Today, the verdict of the CEP showed that in fact it is he who the biggest thief in history.

“He knew that he had accomplished the greatest money laundering. it reason he continued to demand the resignation of the chief election commissioner,” he said.

” way Imran took money from foreign nationals proves that he was a person who brought a foreign agenda to the country,” Nawaz said.

He recalled that PML-N was leading country to progress, regretting that all efforts have gone in in vain because of Imran’s actions “He destroyed economy and broke our backs.

“And he did it all for foreign agenda,” the PML-N leader said, demanding that people such as former justice Saqib Nisar – who named Imran Sadiq and Amin and filed a case in National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against PML-N – should also to be punished.

“All these things are present on in record. And there will be a time when all these questions will need be answered.”

Nawaz repeated that these people are together with Imran, were responsible for bringing Pakistan to where it is today and called on all political parties to take action against them.

“This man, Imran, is extremely dangerous. for Pakistan,” he said, adding that should to be punished as soon as possible.

Separately, in tweet earlier today, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb promised that government will comply with the verdict of the ESP in case under the law.

According to her, the decision of the commission confirmed the crimes of Imran Khan and demanded that he should resign immediately as chairman of his party.

“Imran Khan fomented anarchy in Pakistan through illegal foreign funding,” Aurangzeb. added.

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