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Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Diet in Patiala Prison

Patiala, Punjab:

Congress leader Navjot Singh Seidu, who serve one-year sentence in jailit will be on a special Diet can be easily on food menu of Spa. Fried vegetables, pecans, avocado and tofu are part of it of Food allowed by the court for a cricketer-turned-politician.

Diet chart “recommended given his medical condition”, after analysis of His health, say Mr. Seydoux’s aides.

Mr. Sidhu’s day begins with Rosemary tea, white beta juice, or coconut water. For breakfast, he should be given a cup of Lactose-free milk one Tablespoon of flax, sunflower, melon or chia seeds; five or six almonds, one Walnuts, two pecans.

Here is the overall diet chart:

mid morning: 1 cup of beetroot, guilla (glass squash), cucumber, musami (sweet lemon), tulsi, mint leaves, amla (gooseberry), celery leaves, or fresh haldi (Turmeric) or carrot or aloe juice.

Instead, one Fruit – watermelon, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, guava, appleor wood apple.

sprout black Chana (25g) + Green Dal (25g) Plus the best (cucumber) / tomato /half Lemon/Avocado.

lunch: One chapati of 30 gm of cornmeal, water chestnut and ragi”in equal amount.

One bowl all of seasonal vegetables and of cucumber and gaia raita or one bowl of Beet root raita.

Green salad bowl of cucumber, tomato, KACRIlettuce leaves and half lemon and one glass of lacy.

evening: a cup of 100 ml tea with Low fat and sugar free milk, 25 gm of Paneer slice or 25gm tofu with half Lemon.

Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Diet in Patiala Prison

Navjot Sidhu, prisoner No. 241383, located in Barracks No. 7 in Patiala Central jail.

Dinner: a bowl of Mixed vegetable soup and dal /black Shana soup with 200 grams bowl spray with black Pepper powder is made of Sauteed vegetables (carrots, beans, broccoli, mushrooms, bell Pepper).

bed time: a cup of Chamomile tea and one 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk with half Cup of warm water.

Section “Points to Remember” on diet chart also It seems to belong more on health club from prison.

recommend team sidhu it should avoid processed food; avoid Saturated fat; use only olive oil or rice bran oil, mustard oil, cold pressed mustard oil or cold pressed sunflower oil; Do not sprinkle table salt on Salad and exercise every day.

Mr. Seydoux, who It was removed As Speaker of the Punjab Congress after the party’s defeat in In state elections, a one-year jail term in Road rage incident in In which a man was killed 34 years ago. give up last A week after ordering it for few more weeks on Health reasons are denied.


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