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national zoo says wild fox killed 25 of it’s a flamingo and a duck

In addition to the dead birds, three flamingos were also injured. in in attack and are being treated by veterinarians at the facility, the zoo said. in statement. Zoo officials discovered the massacre early Monday morning and saw the fox before it escaped the habitat, according to the statement. live there were already traps set around area to catch predators.

“It’s a heartbreaking loss for us and each who takes care of our animals,” said Brandi Smith, zoo director. director, in statement. “The barrier we used has been tested and is used by other accredited zoos around the country. on welfare of the remaining flock and the strengthening of our habitats.”

The herd, which originally had 74 flamingos, has now been moved to a covered barn, and the ducks in indoor, safe outdoor space- said the zoo. The statement noted that the “International Union for Preservation of (Nature) Red List of In the endangered species list, the American flamingo and northern pintail are listed as species. of least concern.”

A flock of flamingos in the zoo mostly lives in 9750 square feet yard with heated pool and a barn. Zoo staff checking integrity of several buildings times a day and saw “no areas of anxiety” in flamingo habitat on Sunday afternoon.

the zoo’s bird house, which includes the habitat of flamingos, is currently closed to public since it’s undergoing renovations and the zoo said in statement that “this first predator mesh breakthrough” of exhibit since it was installed at the zoo in 1970s. Zoo staff have already reinforced the metal mesh around the exhibit. The incident is now under investigation.

Monday attack is latest Fox incident shakes Washington in recent weeks. Last month, US Capitol police said animal control caught the fox after six people, including Democratic Rep. Ami Bera of California, have been bitten or bitten outside iconic building.


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