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National Herald case: ED seals Young Indian Ltd’s office in Delhi | India news

New Delhi: Directorate of Enforcement (ED) on Wednesday seal head office of owned by Congress National Herald Newspaper in New Delhi, one day after launching twelve raids locations in Connection with It’s going on money laundering probe.
At the same time, the way to AICC headquarters in The national Capital is blocked on Wednesday with Congress claims party It was “under siege” while the police said the barricades had been set up personnel Assigned to avoid Any undesirable situation.
Congress described the work of the emergency department and the deployment of the police as “pressure.” tactics” by government She claimed it was an attempt to block her nationwide protest against center on August 5.
Grand Congress Party leader Jerome Ramesh took To Twitter to condemn the publication of High security near the party headquarters.

On Tuesday, the agency had gotten pregnant out Searches in 12 locations in Connection with case under criminal Sections of ban of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) “to collect additional evidence with Regarding the trail of funds”.
The raids were also Conducted at the “Herald House” office It is located in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, ITO in Central Delhi, which is closed today.
The address is registered in The name of Associated Journal Ltd (AJL), which publishes the newspaper.
The department extensively questioned Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her deputy son Rahul Gandhi in The case is apart from a few other congressional politicians.
While Sonia Gandhi was interrogated for over 11 hours over three rounds last month, Rahul has been questioned for more from 50 hours over five days in Jun.
The interrogation led to a series of Protests of congress members across the country, with senior Leaders took to the streets to condemn the work of ED against Gandhi.
pressure tactics Via Center: Cong
In response to ED action, Congress claimed that today events pressure was tactics by government in An attempt to thwart her national protest on August 5.
“There was no reason, no provocation for The government To deploy security forces and take such action except that Congress was planning a nationwide protest on August 5, Congressional leader Ajay McCain said during a media instructions.
Congress said that also I got a message from Delhi Police saying they can’t organize protests on August 5.
“The government may suppress us as much as they are want But we will protest against Inflation, unemployment, and goods and services tax on Edible items & go ahead with our schedule Even if he is imprisoned.
Taking attack To the center government, Congress Speaker Abhishek Manu Singhvi said ‘fear’ is not a word in the dictionary of The grand Old party party Description of ED . raids in Case as procedures of “Afraid and frightened government”.
Rajasthan CM Ashok Gilot described the massive police deployment near the Capitol as an “undeclared emergency”.
“The conversion of Congress headquarters and 10 Janpath into a police camp is an undeclared emergency. National Herald (Young Indian)office Strongly sealed. if public not standing with Congress against This dictatorial government, results The whole country must bear the brunt of it.” on Twitter.
What is it about
The case relates to allegations of financial Violations during acquisition of AJL by Young Indian Limited owned by Gandhi in 2010.
Conference party He said he made a loan of Rs 90 crore to the sick AJL between 2001-02 and 2010-11 onwards, in 2011, shares of AJL is dedicated to Young Indian and this debt It was converted into equity and the loan was amortized in books of The AJL.
ED claims these transactions attract opposite-money laundering complex fees web of Transactions and routing of Funds undertaken by party and led her acquire in AJL assets worth Multiple Crores of rupee.
It is understood that Gandhis have told the ED during their separate interrogation sessions that it is not personal assets they were made in Congressional, AJL and National Herald deal where the Young Indian “was not -forA for-profit company incorporated under Section 25 of companies laws.
that they also Tell the ED that AJL still has it possession of all in it assets And the Indian youth “has neither nor controlsThese characteristics.
Sonia and Rahul are among the promoters and the majority of the shareholders in Indian young man. Like her son President of Congress also It owns 38% of the shares.
ED . work in The case started after the agency was delayed last year New case registered under PMLA after court trial here took Knowledge of Income tax department investigation against Indian based young woman on a private criminal Complaint by BJP, MP Subramanian Swami in 2013.
Swami Gandhi and others accused of conspiracy to defraud and embezzlement of funds, with A young Indian pays Rs 50 lakh only to get the right to redeem Rs 90.25 crore which Associated Journal Limited owes to Congress.
Conference party ED . procedure called against It was led by a “political vendetta” saying there was no money laundering in the case.
in february last yearthe Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Gandhis requesting their response to Swamy’s plea.
According to ED, assets worth About Rs 800 crore is ‘owned’ by AJL and the agency wants it know from Gandhi how Except-forFor-profit company like The young Indian was doing business of Leasing out his land and building assets”.
Conference party He said the Income Tax Department had assessed AJL’s property in worth About 350 crores.
(with input from PTI)
Watch Directorate of Implementation Seals of the National Herald office

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