Nadhim Zahawi sacked by Rishi Sunak without a fair hearing, say allies

Mr Zahavi, who was appointed party chairman in October was facing defamatory reports that he paid a bill of around £4.8 million. with HM Revenue and Customs when he was Chancellor, including payment penalty.

Mr Sunak initially resisted calls to fire him party colleague immediately and instead emphasized need for “because of the process”. But the report of Sir Laurie, independent adviser to the Prime Minister on interests of ministers, was published only six days later, and the allies of Mr Zahavi suggested on Sunday that conclusions were rushed due to pressure on Mr. Sunak must look determined.

In his report, Sir Laurie stated that Mr. Zahavi was guilty. of repeated “silence”, referring to his failure to update his registry of interests before more how year after HMRC began looking into his taxes. When Mr. Zahavi reached an agreement with tax collector in August 2022, this too should were announced, said Sir Laurie.

“Mr. Zahavi’s conduct minister fell below the high standards you, as prime minister, rightly expect from those who service in your government,” He wrote.

In a letter published on On Sunday morning, Mr. Sunak told Mr. Zahavi that he believed he had committed a “serious violation of Ministerial Code”, adding: “As a result I have informed you of my decision to remove you from your position in His Majesty’s Government.”

Mr Zahavi is furious about decision fire him and is considering a formal response to Sir Laurie’s report, according to The Times.


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