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Nadhim Zahawi sacked as Tory party chair over tax affairs

United Kingdom prime minister Rishi Sunak fired Nadhim Zahavi as chairman of conservative party after his ethics adviser concluded there had been “serious violations” of ministerial code.

Sunak finally got rid of Zahavi after a few weeks of stories about his tax affairs that caused political damage for ruling party during the historical cost of life crisis.

The layoff represents a major reversal for Sunak who previously stood behind Zahavi, who affirms in house of Commons earlier this month that the MP “resolved the issue in full”.

In a letter published by Downing Street on Sunday morning, vol. prime minister said he intervened in line with his promise ensure his government will have “honesty, professionalism and accountability at every level.”

Sunak asked Sir Laurie Magnus, an ethics adviser, to investigate Zahavi’s tax policy. affairs on On Monday, after it became clear that the deputy made settlement of about £5 million to HM Revenue and Customs last summer – including payment of a penalty.

“It clear that there has been a serious breach of ministerial code,” Sunak wrote. “As a result I told you of my decision to remove you from your position in His Majesty’s Government.”

Magnus investigation found what former Chairman Tory began his “engagement” with HMRC in April 2021 and settled dispute in August last year, with settlement agreement signed in September.

Ethics adviser gave technical details of tax investigation was outside scale of his review which instead concentrated on Zahavi’s message of case and whether he behaved with “highest standards of relevance”.

All ministers required to complete declaration of forms of interest that include questions about their taxes affairs – and ensure forms saved up-relevant at all times while also regular discussion of potential conflicts with their permanent secretaries.

Magnus said that Zahavi thought his meeting in June 2021 with The HMRC was not an official investigation, but “just asked certain questions. . . regarding his tax affairs”. Only on On July 15, 2022, he received a letter from the tax authority stating that clear There was an investigation, the deputy said.

“I believe that a person subject to the HMRC procedure faced Mr. Zahavi should understood from the beginning that they were under investigation by HMRC and that this was a serious matter.”

Zahavi should informed his constant secretary and turned to them for advice, he concluded.

“I also expect minister actively update their statement of interest form to include details of such an HMRC process”, Magnus added.

When Zahavi was appointed Chancellor on 5’th of July last year he filled out a declaration of form of interest with no reference to the HMRC investigation.

Later form recognized in attachment to Zahavi in discussion with HMRC “refine row of requests.” Only after receiving the HMRC letter on July 15th made by Zahavi update his statement of interests, repeating the previous statement that he is refining requests.

As resultZahavi failed satisfy the demand in Ministerial code to declare any interests that may be considered give rise to conflict of “interest,” Magnus concluded.

The ethics adviser confirmed that the settlement with HMRC includes penalty applicable on the basis of “inattention” refers to failure exercise “reasonable care” in relation to his tax affairs.

Zahavi failed to update his statement of percentage form when he agreed to the settlement in principle with HMRC in August without announcing it until last weekend, he concluded.

In October, when Sunak reappointed Zahavi to the cabinet, MP failed reveal enough information to the Cabinet of Ministers, which means that prime minister was not informed of situation.

These omissions violate the ministerial code, Magnus said.

Report also criticized Zahavi for declaring on July 10 last year which news reports that he was under investigation were “inaccurate, unfair and patently slanderous”.

Ministers must be open with parliament and public and no give misleading statements under the code.

“I believe that a person subject to the HMRC procedure faced Mr. Zahavi should understood that they were under investigation by HMRC and that this was a serious matter,” said Sir Laurie.

Daisy Cooper, Deputy Head of Liberal Democrats, said Sunak should it never took so long to act. “Sunak has finally taken action after protecting the defenseless for several days. . . his first 100 days in office have been tainted by endless conservative fiction and scandal.”

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