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Nacon Revolution X controller can't compete with the competition

When you, as a manufacturer, release a controller that competes against controllers like an Xbox Elite Series 2, you have to be in good hands. And while the Nacon Revolution X offers nice features, it can’t compete with its biggest competitor.
The Nacon Revolution X does not leave a positive first impression. This is entirely due to the cheap looking and feeling plastic casing. The controller is also not comfortable in the hand, because the design requires an unnatural posture from the player. The shoulder buttons are difficult to reach without moving your entire palm or moving your index finger convulsively upwards.

Meanwhile, the thumb of the player does not come close of the Y button, requiring movement again. The menu buttons next to the (ugly designed) Xbox button in the middle are also difficult to access.

And we haven’t even mentioned the four-point push button. It has to be pressed quite deeply. And as a result, the player quickly touches the edge of the plastic with his or her thumb. You should not encounter such things on a controller with a suggested retail price of 109.99 euros. The regular Xbox controller (One or Series models) feels much more valuable, feels better in the hand, has easy-to-reach buttons and a much nicer d-pad.

Pro Features

What the regular Xbox controllers don’t have are buttons on the back. The Xbox Elite Series 2 has space for optional paddles to which you assign functions, but the Nacon Revolution X has four buttons there as standard. The top two buttons are accessible with your middle fingers, while the bottom two buttons are pressed with your ring fingers. Those buttons are located in the handles and require quite a bit of finger force to press. Because the controller is already difficult to hold, it doesn’t feel good while playing. That’s a shame, because the idea behind the Nacon Revolution X is fine. The accessory may make a difference for (professional) gamers compared to regular controllers. For example, you can shorten the distance the analog sticks move thanks to the addition of a thickened edge around the shaft of the poker. It is also possible to change the bats and add weights.One of the finest aspects of the Elite Series 2 is the weight. The Revolution X, however, does not come close to that, although Nacon does give you the option between 10, 14 and 16 grams. However, the difference between the weights is barely noticeable, so that aspect also loses in value. In addition, a regular controller weighs about the same.

Free software

The Nacom Revolution X is too use with all Xbox consoles and Windows computers. If you connect it to a PC and you have installed the correct software (available in the Microsoft Store), you can adjust all kinds of things in no time. For example, the functions of the analog sticks and all buttons are customizable. For example, you can swap the action buttons and assign any other button to the buttons on the back.Are you used to Nintendo consoles for example? Then you can easily swap the Y and X buttons and the B and A buttons. The response curve of the analog sticks can also be adjusted via the software. You adjust the sensitivity with this, so you don’t always have to push that stick completely away or pull it towards you.
While playing, the controller can’t shake that first impression, because cheap material just feels like this: cheap.

And despite the fact that the triggers do not contain a hardware control to shorten the pressing – and thus minimize the time for activating the linked function – this is possible via software through different settings and profiles . That setting also happened in no time, fortunately, since the software is very well-arranged.

Since the Nacon Revolution X also offers a headphone connection, it is possible to create a sound profile to choose from. Users can choose from different genres or the settings for a party chat. The settings are quite different from each other and are not always immediately pleasing, so it is therefore nice that the equalizer can be adjusted manually. So you decide for yourself what an optimal sound reproduction is for the game you are playing at that moment. Other functions, such as vibrations and the lighting, can also be adjusted via the software. Once you have adjusted something, you can switch with a press of the button. profile button on the back of settings. That button is easy to feel, so there’s no need to turn the controller when you’re playing another game.

Nacon Revolution X is too expensive

The Nacon Revolution X comes with a sturdy case that offers space for the controller, the necessary cable, the various parts and a cleaning cloth. So for almost 110 euros you get a complete package, which at first glance should be able to compete with that Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

But nothing is less true. While playing, the controller does not shake off that first impression, because cheap material just feels like this: cheap. In addition, the Revolution X is simply not comfortable to hold and the buttons are difficult to reach. And that while the software is very fine, clear and extensive and the idea behind shortening the path that an analog bat travels is very nice. But at the bottom of the line, the product in itself does not take gaming to a higher level.

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