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Mystery in the “Rangers” team – after the game, a promising defender is suddenly fired

Mystery in the “Rangers” team – after the game, a promising defender is suddenly fired
Tony Deangelo | Photo: NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) New York Rangers have suddenly fired forward defender Tony Deangelo after a match, citing sources in the league. inside, reports The Athletic. The Pittsburgh Penguins gave up 4: 5 in the Rangers match on January 31, but after the game, 25-year-old Deangelo, who is No. 19 in the 2014 NHL draft, was placed on the vulnerable list.

Three different sources, The Athletic, have confirmed that there was a conflict between Deangelo and Bulgarian-born Russian goalkeeper Alexander after a match in a tunnel leading to the locker room. Georgiy, who continued in the locker room. “Rangers” has neither confirmed nor denied the fact of the conflict.

“There will always be different rumors,” the media quotes team head coach David Quein. “I will not comment on the rumors, but it will is not related to just one incident. We as an organization felt that such a step had to be taken and then we would see how this situation would end. It’s part of the business, but I don’t want to go into details. ”

NHL Journalist Salim Nadim The government has revealed that Deangelo has previously staged controversial actions, such as making racist comments, denying the Covid-19 virus and saying that the US presidential election was not fair. His behavior in New York has been problematic more than once in four years. Meanwhile, another NHL expert, Thomas Drens, writes that he thinks a person like Danielle shouldn’t be in the NHL.

Also in the past when playing In the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Deangelo was twice disqualified for off-court activities and was later disqualified for aggressive treatment against the referee as an Arizona Coyotes player. The Rangers’ mayor was probably full of patience, and the team decided to stop working with the player after the last incident, and it is clear that not only his performance but also his off-field activities played a big role in the dismissal.

Andangelo collected very solid statistics in 68 games last regular season – 53 points, but this season he gave only one scoring in six matches and showed a rather poor performance both in defense and attack. In the game against the Penguins, he was on the court in four of the five goals of the opposing team.

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