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mysterious explosion like sound panic in Ludhiana, Police Commissioner confirms it’s a sound blast: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh /Ludhiana, August 4

population of Ludhiana panicked on Thursday at about 3 pm when sounds I heard similar to a bomb explosion in The city.

Some assumed that sounds to be of A cloud exploded while others felt it might be of Sound blast but obviously none of them confirm.

as such soon Such as sound Hearing, the curious residents immediately began circulating messages on WhatsApp app sure If everyone had heard sound. many wanted to me confirm Source of The sound.

Ludhiana Commissioner of Kaustop Sharma confirmed to the police that sound I was of A thunderous sound broke out, and there was no explosion. Sharma told the Tribune that first Another explosion was heard around 1 pm and another one around 4 pm. “We checked it out and it looked like it was just A sound barrier erupted.

Sharma added this explosion caused Some panic like many people Call the police helpline to find it out what happened. “We were in In the midst of of meeting when first Explosion took place. “We checked it out right away,” Sharma said.

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