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‘My son did not want die’: Maternal problems warning after the boy died making a viral TikTok challenge

BUT mother who told her son died after attempting a virus challenge released warning to parents and teenagers about danger of tik tok trend.

Lauryn Keating said that she found she is 14-year-old son Leon Brown not responding in they have his room home in Cumbernold, North Lanarkshire on 25-th of August.

She later learned that he tried “blackout”. challenge”, a viral trend that is believed to caused brain injury which led to death of 12-year-old Archie Battersby last month.

in latest iteration of dangerous challenge, children film yourself holding your breath until you pass out due to lack of oxygen before sharing video on social media.

It’s been blamed for several deaths so far and some parents sued video sharing app TikTok over claims that the platform’s algorithm promotes the video of Another people do a blackout challenge”.

Hearing that Leon died because he took in challengeKeating wrote on Facebook. post in whom she warned that any child taking part in trend inadvertently ventured killing themselves.

She said: “I need every teenager and every parent to see it and understand the dangers of these tiktok challenges.

“BUT challenge is not worth your life, a few likes on social media is not worth Your life.

“My son (I sure all his friends will agree) was a cool clown, he was funny, he was kind, he liked to make everyone laugh, but most importantly he did not want to die.


“Not parent should gotta see what I saw, no parent should go through what i’m all because of some crazy trend. Even if it saves one the life of a child is worth exchange”.

Miss Keating told ScottishDaily entry what one of her son’s friends said he saw how Leon took challenge on Facetime.

She told the paper, “One of Leon’s friends told me that he challenge on facetime with them after viewing on TIK Tak.

“My Leon thought he would one try this first. He and his friends probably thought it was a laugh and a joke.

“One of children who he was on facetime with told me what he did. She said they thought they’d wake up up. But Leon didn’t come back near. it was terrible wrong”.

She is added: “I went on TikTok and posted out words similar to blackout challenge. amount of video results what came up on That’s funny.”

Archie Battersby spent months on life support before the judge ruled that the doctors could let him die


Leona death came just weeks after the kidnapping of Archie Battersby off life support on August 6th

12-yearthe old one died a few months later of law battles concluded in the judge ruled that doctors can legally commit suicide-support care for boy, despite family’s objections.

Archie mother Holly Dance, accused of ‘eclipse challenge” for brain damage that led to death as well as hit out public media companies for does not make sufficient efforts to prevent dangerous content from their platforms.

TikTok is being sued in maybe to family of Nyla Anderson, 10-year- old girl who died in United States last December after reportedly trying challenge.

parents of They were followed by Lalani Erica Rene Walton, eight years old, and Arriani Jaylin Arroyo, nine years old. with lawsuit in July after their daughters allegedly died after trying challenge.

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