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MVM is hosting an interactive online talk show about the data-driven future

MVM will be presenting with an interactive talk show, the main topic will be the data-driven future during MVM Future Talks. The free online chats will start on November 18 at 6 pm, the event will be hosted by Nóra Ördög and Gergő Szirmai. The talk show, with the help of celebrities and international experts, seeks answers to questions about how we can make good use of digital technologies today, what challenges, threats and opportunities data-driven development poses for humanity.

Online joining the conversation are American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andy Weir, a world-renowned American bestseller who won the sci-fi The Martian Novel and the Hail Mary Mission, which formed the basis of the 2015 Rescue Expedition.

One of Europe’s leading ethical hackers, Jamie Woodruff, will also take part in a discussion involving sociologist Zeynep Tufekci, author of The New York Times and The Atlantic, and Bertalan Meskó, a medical futurist (now in the Budapest studio). and Péter Balogh, founder of NNG.

It is important to note that viewers will also be able to ask invited guests online.

“Energy is no longer imaginable without digitalisation, which is why we are focusing on one of the most important issues of our future and future at MVM Future Talks: the storage and use of information. It is enough to think only of social media, or e-invoicing in applications in the energy sector, applications developed for public administration, smart grids or smart metering, almost all areas of life are now based on data. The main goal for the MVM Group is to support innovation and education, as part of which we have again convened the most important star experts to discuss one of the fundamental issues of our future “

– said Eszter Jákó, MVM’s Group-level Communications Director for MVM Future Talks

More information about the talk show is available at www.mvmfuturetalks.hu, and the show’s Facebook event can be found here.

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