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Murders of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Sidhu Moose Wala highlight back on Punjabi gangs in Canada | world News

The murder of Punjabi singer Seidu Moss Wala in may follow killing of Repudaman Singh Malik, A 75-yearExoneration of a Sikh in The case of the tragic 1985 terrorist bombing of Air India Kanishka was in the spotlight back on Punjabi gangs active in Canada. With Goldie Prair, a gangster who Travel to the country on a student visa in 2017, claim responsibility for The killing of Moose Walla, Indo-Canadian gangs were once upon a time again under the scanner. brar close assistant of Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who He is the main suspect in the singers murder.

that it on record That is the founder of Gurpatwant Pannun of Banned Sikh for Justice (SFJ), legally guaranteed protection for killers of Moss Walla No action has been taken yet against Either Brar or Bannon. in Malik murder The case, Tanner Fox, 21, and Jose Lopez, 23, have been charged with first- Murder. Malik was shot dead in Surrey, British Columbia on June 15.

Punjabi guys have earned Excellence in topping list of Criminals and gangs, a report suggests. the police in Canada released a public warning Select 11 men of who are nine of Punjab origin, linked to extreme levels of gang violence. Joint Forces Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) along with Vancouver Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia public warning. Canadian Punjabi criminal Gangs are formed in a community Based on in Canada and they are in the first place made up of young singly of Punjabi ethnicity.

According to another report, seven notorious gangsters, five of of them are included in Class “A”, is wanted by Punjab Police in cases of murder, looting, extortion and kidnapping, but they “appropriately” hide in Canada for Years.

The fact That these hardcore gangsters were working in collaborators with Radical organizations that carry out terror Operations and killing in Besides making blackmail calls, Punjab makes things more complicated and difficult for Law enforcement agencies in India to deliver them to India face Legal action is the most daunting task.

a little support From Canada, UK and other western countries countries

India’s efforts to seek deportation to India despite providing concrete evidence to the Canadian authorities have not come to fruition.

Canada, UK and other western countries countries give Two owners in India demand To bring criminals back to India responsible for Pregnancy out terror Activities in India with The standard Excuse of “lack of sufficient evidence” took India is nearly two decades old to have two people, a woman and a woman brother of Punjab original delivered from Canada for “(Not) Honor killing” of girl.

Canadian government she has failed to carry out Conduct a proper investigation and trial in first worst bombing in airline history When the Air India bombed Kanishka took place in 1985, killing 329 people midair.

Canada’s Reluctance to Take Action against Gulf people are seen asvote-bank politics’, given the massive ‘electoral funding’ by Sikhs.

It has been directed out who – which terror Organizations like Sikhs for Justice, Gurbant Bannon and Hardeep Singh Niger are alleged to carry out anti-India activities with Impunity from Canada with There is no action that can be perceived.

There was an alleged misuse of Religious platforms to promote anti-Indian activities in western countries Including Canada. The control of the Khalstani gangs of Dashmish Darbar Gurdwara in Sari, Guru Nanak Sikh temple in Sari and Dixie Gurdwara in some brampton of Guide.

Rebodaman Malik killing

Recently, the police claimed her involvement of Gangster turned terrorist Arsh Dalla among others in broad daylight killing of Rebodaman Malik. Although the authorities arrested the killers, they refused to do so share Links, motivation and details of masterminds of The killing.

Canadian authorities have alsoUntil now, failed To take the flag of The fact that Malik was hacked, phished, threatened, and abused by Hardeep Niger, one of his followers of Bannon, and Muninder Boyle, another hard-line Khalistani who Until recently it was in control of Dashmish Darbar Gurdwara in I will see.

Video shot of Hardeep Niger with AK assault rifle in Surrey, Canada.

The authorities have also You haven’t started any action yet against Other suspects in Owner murderwho is Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal, one of the close assistants of Nijjer, Gurpreet Singh Sahota, TV host of Channel Punjabi owned by hardcore Khalistani Pary Dullay, Ranjit Singh Khalsa aka Kala, in Cost of a Khalistani gurdwara in Abbotsford.

The name of Journalist Gurpreet Singh, husband of NDP MLA from British Columbia, Rachna Singh, also provocative characters against Owner. Muninder Boyle wrote a threatening letter to Sri Akl Takht Gathidar Harpreet Singh leading to cancel of Owner’s last visit in Vancouver.

the killers of hepatic player Sandeep Singh continues live in Brampton is unrestricted.

follow the owner killingMultiple accidents of a deadly The guerrilla war has taken place among the Punjabis place in British Columbia area who goes to show The failure of Powers to control and nominate chiefs leaders.

A prominent Sikh preacher, Baljit Singh Dadwal who he is also President of Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) invited out The terror outfit sikh for justice’ for misguided Sikh youths, especially the baptized among them, against India.

Dadwal appealed to young Sikhs to stay away from them dollar Dreams of a separatist organization in The name of Khalistan. Dadwal said that many Sikh families suffer because of it children They were paid by of A few hundred to thousands of dollars and a promise of a job made by a US-based separatist organization in exchange for Hosting the flags of Khalistan or drawing its emblems.

He said, “It is tragic that the Sikhs, and especially the young Amritdari youth, have been affected by these vows and have quit. up in jail. They didn’t even get bail. It was many young people in jail for over Two years. I’ve been so close lately for satisfaction. The organization that got this is illegal work I did not even pay them.”

ISI . activities in Canada

that it also Open secret That Pakistani intelligence has its presence in Entire Canada in large numbers. A well-known spy agency for a job in close coordination with Anti-Indian and Khalistani elements by providing them with all types of Help and advice.

It’s well known fact The Canadian authorities have never suspected the subversive and hateful activities of Pakistani intelligence agency being carried out form Canada.

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