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Munda Headworks bridge collapsed leaving Charsadda, Nowshera on flood risk

CHARSADDA: Munda Headworks Bridge Broken down and was washed away by the raintriggered flash flood leaving the areas of Charsadda and Nowshera to risk of floods, Geo News reported.

Munda Headworks bridge collapsed due to pressure of flood water. The collapse of the bridge disconnected Tehsil Shabkadar and Prang from the area.

Incident took place Late night on Friday around 11pm.

Residents have been advised to leave their homes. homes and go to government- specialized camps.

So far no loss of life was reported, however houses and farmland were destroyed because of the flow of water.

Residents are being relocated to safer places. Deputy Commissioner and authorities from afar warning of floods and called on residents to leave their homes and move in a safe placeHowever, people didn’t take warning Seriously.

The flood has destroyed half of Nowshera Deputy Commissioner Mir Reza Ozgen tweeted that Mund’s headworks are sweeping away two discharge control sections. on Saturday. Torrent of flood water fast heading for Nowshera, the deputy commissar warned.

The deputy commissioner said the Munda Headworks headquarters remain secure. in 2010.

Columbia region also asked residents to immediately evacuate to safety without wasting time.

Very tall in Charsadda flood in Hyali, and the water level is further on in rise. city The administration is making efforts to rescue stranded citizens.

Most flood the victims moved onto the highway to take cover. They sleep out in the open sky.

According to reports, the local administration already released flood warning As a result, no casualties have been reported so far.

The DC stated that the district administration is looking for public cooperation in this critical compound. He said the administration was receiving complaints from many areas about people does not cooperate with administration in evacuation process.

He called people don’t take it flood light situation. Repeating your call to people for cooperation, he said that this time the situation is getting worse than in 2010.

DK Nowshera said it all government as well as private educational institutions were opened for in flood victims. People are relieved in each way possible he said.

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